Strange and mysterious rocks in the world

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Strange rocks in the world@

By Sennari

This info is fromLet's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 5. 2003

Strange rocks in the world

There are really mysterious and strange shaped rocks in the world.
These things have been dispensed with 'all could be naturally made', but Stone gods are very dissatisfied with those way of thinking.
Stone gods and the planets of the solar system made the earth so that creatures can live on it.
The giants who are the alter egos of Stone gods made the mysterious and strange shaped rocks as many as they could so that they could make humans know the existence of them.
Mysterious rocks were made by the consciousness of atoms which formed the bodies of Stone gods.
They thought "Let's make a form like this."

We think it is important to introduce those rock relics as many as possible.
I launched the topi of mysterious rocks in the Yahoo's board.
However there were many postings that never admitted the existence of Stone gods.
Many people were kind enough to let me know various rock relics, though. @
I would like to thank those who informed me of mysterious rocks.@
I would like to introduce them in my site.

Curve nappe


Fallen Arch

Bryce canyon national park


Atacama Giant desert in Bolivia

Guilin landscape Hunan Zhangjiajie China
National Geographic

Waffle rock, West Virginia,US

Zion National Park, USA@Checkerboard Mesa

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