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Author: jamesglory (188.222.64.---)

Date: 17-Oct-13 15:39

Sennari wrote:

To jamesglory

The story of the universe (from the birth of stars to the birth of life)

There was darkness in the beginning of the universe.
First of all, the thoughts was born in the darkness.
It was "What?"
Something with "What?" was the origin of the universe, the Ohmoto(the central).

The Ohmoto was lonely.
So it tried to look for others.

At first its thoughts started the action to try to catch something like castanets.
So some thoughts, a kind of subconsciousness, which didn't want to be caugh, was born.
They escaped from the Ohmoto(the central).
And heiThe Ohmoto(the central)) started to run after them.
They showed the movement to escape from him.
The race and chase was started.
But they stopped running because they wanted to know who was chasing them.
And both the thoughts got together.
They became thoughts of the subconsciousness of Love.

Then something was born.
The first substance appeared.
They were tiny things, "Atoms".
Some thoughts which were being chased by another stopped moving.
They became atomic nucleuses.
The chasing thoughts became electorons.
They continued to chase another because they liked chasing and didn't want to stop.
Many new atoms were born that way.
And they filled the universe.
Please refer to the below site about more info.

Thank you for the reply.
I must confess, I thought 99% of your answer was gobbledygook.
So may I ask, where is the evidence for these stories of yours please?
No offence intended. Just asking.
Today, is the Tomorrow, you worried about Yesterday.

Takashi wrote:

To jamesglory

Thank you for your nice comment.

It is natural you doubt the evidence about what you quote above.
I can't give you the evidence, because we can't go back to the original time of the universe.
Those information was given by the atoms from the sky and universe through the channeling to Miss Taeko Shiraki.
Therefore I thought I have to check what Miss Taeko Shiraki tells .
Becaue if she told a lie, it would be nonsense to believe what she says.
I've often met the channeler, Miss Taeko Shiraki and have asked many questions because she lives near my house.
She gives me the answer immediately to my questions because she can ask the atoms from the sky and universe through the channeling.
Moreover there are many information about Stone gods, Stone humans and giants in the following site made by Miss Taeko Shiraki.

I think if we check the ruins on the earth carefully, we can't help regarding it is impossible for humanity in old age to build such things like pyramids.
We can guess from the life of Aborigine in Australia.
They can't build such huge buildings made of stone even today.
We have to note that old people didn't have heavy equipments for lifting up heavy stones.

However it may be hard to consent by the small amount of information about ruins.
Therefore I'm translating the site of Miss Taeko Shiraki every day.
I believe if you will read more, you can consent what Miss Taeko Shiraki says.

If you can talk with atoms like Miss Taeko Shiraki, you will understand many things.
I met a girl who can talk with atoms several days ago.
She is the girl who gave me the following information.
Until atom-boy is born from the light---The experience of a child.
The dialogue with Atom-boy No2
She can see the figure of Atom-boys and can talk with them.

Please check the following site, too.
We can know Orion supported the building of pyramids in the below site.
The support from Orion in Egypt bpyramids@bThe mural which shows the inside of the earth
Thank you.


Thank you for your mail.

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