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By Takashi (=Sennari)

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Atoms talk to me all the time

Author: spitfire888 (76.176.212.---)
Date: 23-Aug-13 02:02

chat talk...........Are these atoms?
.............because they have a consciousness.........
or are they dead matter?.............or is this vibrating and trying to tell me something ......
Please talk to me atoms because Takashi could be an atom from an advanced world trying to communicate with us...


From TakashiiSennari)

To spitfire888

I saw the below animation.

However it was hard for me to make out English which heispitfire888?jtalks.
Japanese usually find it difficult to understand what English speaking people talk.
It takes long even to write this page in English.@
However I hope I can talk with you in the future.

You are also atoms and everyone is made up with atoms.
Atoms in your body is telling you many things to you.
For example I suffered facial nerve paralysis three years ago.
I didn't know why I suffered such a disease then because I had been healthy all the time until then.
I had to be hospitalized for curing the disease for ten days.
I happened to know the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' last year and found the channeler who can talk with atoms.
In addition I knew there are many who get the signals in their bodies from atoms around Miss Taeko Shiraki
I asked Miss Taeko Shiraki why I suffered facial nerve paralysis three years ago.
She asked the beings from the sky and got the answer through the channeling.
The answer given to me from the beings from the sky through Miss Taeko Shiraki was as follows.

Three years ago I@iSennari= Takashijdidn't know the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' then and I believed in conspiracy theories and spirit theories.
I eagerly looked for the informations about those theories.
My subconscious seems to have warned me by producing the facial nerve paralysis on my face and tried to let me understand I was ignoring the thoughts of atoms.
That is why atoms showed my subconscious and consciousness are thinking the different things with the facial nerve paralysis.
As I was believing conspiracy theory I made a underground big shelter and stockpiled much food.
While I stayed in the shelter I sent e-mail from there to my house.
However it took half a day to reach my house.
I asked Miss Taeko Shiraki the reason for the delay of the arrival of e-mail.
She asked Atom-boy why the e-mail was delayed.
Atom-boy told he didn't like the shelter which I was making because it was useless for me and made e-mail be delayed to reach my house in order to let me know what Atom-boy was thinking.

The other day I stayed in the house for fellows of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA.
I coughed several times while I was sleeping, though I didn't notice my coughing.
In the next morning Miss Taeko Shiraki told me Atom-boy told her through the channeling at night there are lots of dust in the room of my home.
That is why Atom-boy made me cough to let me know there are lots of dust in my room where I usually facing PC.
I was surprised I was told there are lots of dust in my room because I usually put a vacuum cleaner only the center of my room.
As there are many goods in the corner of the room, it was difficult to put avacuum cleaner there.
Atom-boy can go anywhere and can see even my room.
When I came back from the house for fellows of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA, I tried to clean the corner of my room and found too much dust in the corner of the room and at the back of the goods.

One of my relatives have pain in the knees of her leg.
I asked why she had pain in the knees.
The reason for the pain was she had the wrong way to go and Atom-boy showed it by giving the pain in the knees, I was told.

Atom-boy usually produce the cancer in the body if we reject to believe atoms have consciousness.

In these days we suffer lots of terrible climate like typhoons and tornados

Atom-boys are desperately showing they have consciousness but human beings don't recognize it.
That is why terrible climate is getting harder and harder.
The human beings thinks terrible climate is caused owing to the global warming.
If we admit Atom-boys have consciousness, climate will get mild and paradise will come at once.
The typhoon which comes to Japan refrain from taking the course to hit the house for fellows of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA.
This year two typhoon took the course which comes near the house for fellows of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA,@but both of them disappeared near the house for fellows of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA, though they had the strong power around southern part of Japan,Kyusyu.
I came to know recently even typhoons have consciousness and they have purpose where to go.

The following information may be able to explain why I suffered from facial nerve paralysis.

The atoms from the sky and universe decided right side of the human body under the head as the area which is much related to subconsciousness.
On the contrary they decided the left side of the human body and the head as the area which is much related to consciousness.
The subconsciousness is sent from the stars and consciousness is sent from the spiritual body which lies in the sky near the earth.
Human brain governs five senses, exercise capacity and language ability.
The thinking which comes from the sky is received by the brain.
The consciousness in the sky send the directive about the functions related to the movement of the body through the spine which is leading to the brain.
In addition subconsciousness and consciousness were made not to act alone.
Therefore the nerve was made to cross to the left and right in the neck even though the directive is sent from the brain.
That is why subconscious and consciousness can do the action that is balanced without bias to the left or right.
The beings from the sky wanted to make the human ears bigger so that they could collect sound well but they thought human beings might believe only the language which was heard as sound.
That is why they moved the ear lobe to the center and made folds.
The ears express universe, snail tubes express 'The Ohmoto (the central)' in the universe, auditory ossicles express that robots are sending signals and semicircular canals express that the Trinity is important.

To spitfire888
Thank you for the comment.
I tried to write something but it got too long.
Therefore I wrote it in the following page.

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