From Hoshinomina (alter ego of the Ohmoto) | The rapping sound 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Aug. 23, 2004

From Hoshinomina (alter ego of the Ohmoto) | The rapping sound

Aug. 22, 2004

"Let me tell you the situation when Alter ego of the Ohmoto (the central) first came down to the earth.
Dinosaurs had been rampant all over the places both in the land and the sea on the earth.
As the earth in those days was flat and was covered with the water film, there were too many dinosaurs.
As God of the earth told he hated that situation too much, the beings from the sky asked atoms to turn into lightning and run down to the earth.

(I was also told previously the lightning ran down all at once and dinosaurs became extinct. )

The lightning which dropped to the sea was transmitted through the sea water in an instant and dinosaurs were wiped out.
I came down after I saw the situation.
Stone gods in the second half came down, too.
The beings from the sky sent the earth small animals as dinosaurs had gone.
Human beings who were able to understand Stone gods were created.
However Stone gods knew the Ruler's Stars wanted to rule human beings freely as they had seen human beings increase. Therefore Stone gods made mountains and rivers by gathering the wisdom."

Its story is summarized in the book titled 'The story of the earth' as the same information had been told previously, too.

Aug. 23, 2004
I woke up at midnight.

"Let me tell you about vibration.
A sound is heard suddenly when you are talking or thinking."

Is it rapping sound?

(Rapping sound is the sound like thump or crick which is heard in an instant though its generation source is not unknown.
Its sound is sometimes heard by the person on the side of you.)

"That's right.
A sound is made as the vibration is created.
There are many spiritual bodies which human beings can't see and they are looking at human beings.
They sense the movement of human consciousness.
When they tune to the human consciousness, they try to let humanity know it by any means.
Therefore they ask the atoms like O2, H, N and so on in the air to create the vibration.
Atoms which are asked to do it, make their bodies vibrate.
Then the air vibrate and the pillars in the house are shaked and the sound is created.
If you hear the sound, I'd like to ask you to note what you were  talking or thinking at that time.
The rapping sound means what you are talking or thinking is 'true'.
However there are some energy bodies which get into mischief  by imitating the robot of the beings from the sky and create same kind of sound.
Those energy bodies are the chunks of thoughts which have grown over the years and they grew big in the settled house.
They come to know they can cause abnormalities in the real world and they have good time by making humanity fear."


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