Kisaichimaruyama tumulus  | The tumulus of loop-shaped mountain = strawberry= It expresses the head of Buddha  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Oct. 15, 2002

Kisaichimaruyama tumulus  | The tumulus of loop-shaped mountain = strawberry= It expresses the head of Buddha

It is the tumulus of loop-shaped mountain in Ayabe-city, Kyoto, Japan.
It is the biggest tumulus in Kyoto.
It had not been known to people until it was discovered by the construction of highway recently.
It had been hidden thoroughly and had been sealed.
The surface of loop-shaped mountain were paved by the pebbles and we can understand that people in those days cherished the stones.
There are tombs for an adult and a child and they correspond to the information given to me.
There are earthenwares whose centers are drilled holes.
I was told through the channeling those holes show the road would be made in the future under this grave.
The channeling told they are the graves of Mr.Moriya Mononobe and the offspring of White Tree who was the channeler of the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'.
They are the graves for an adult and a child which were made 1500 years ago.
The loop-shaped mountain whose surface was paved by the pebbles is the body of giant.
The name of strawberry(=イチゴ) was made according to the initials of Stone god(=シカミ) , saying of oath(カイノロク).
Therefore loop-shaped mountain was covered with pebbles which were regarded as the seeds of strawberry.

Postscript on April 17, 2006
Big Buddha=The head of Buddha expresses strawberry(=イチゴ).

Oct. 28, 2012

This mound was found to be the ruins when the construction work for the highway was done.
I asked why this tumulus had been completely forgotten by people even though it is the biggest tumulus in Kyoto, Japan.
The beings from the sky informed me about it in detail.
I was told the center of the Country of Japan ( The country of Wa ) existed here.

The tumulus was the tomb of Mr. Mononobe who was hated the most by the emperor Suiko.
This tumulus is covered with stones covering the surface of the mound.
The body of Stone god who descended the earth was too soft and easy to crumble .
Therefore the pebbles were put on the surface in order to solidify the tumulus so that muddled tumulus would not crumble.
There are lots of clay [terra‐cotta] image around the tumulus and each of them have a hole which showed the tumulus would be known to people by the construction work of the highway.


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