Mt.Teine(Hokkaido, Japan)@

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

March 17, 2006

Mt.Teine(Hokkaido, Japan)

Mt.Teine(wikipedia) has often been told he(=Mt.Teine) was related to Egypt.
I (Miss Taeko Shiraki)@was told he had informed to Noah and his son through the channeling and had induced them to Japan in a ship at the time of "the Giant Deluge of Noah".
As he had succeeded in taking parent-child of Noah safely to Japan, his subconsciousness had been to Egypt again and had became Tenerufia who had made huge architectures under the direction of Sirius.
However Tenerufia had lost to the Ruler's Stars then after all and Stone gods had come to be sealed .

Therefore he had decided not to go out of Japan, turned into the overturned ship and has waited patiently the time will come when he can inform the whole stories, I was told.
Images of Mt.Teine on parade


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