(Correction on Sep.29, 2006 )Maria with the infant face | Palestine | outer galaxy |

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(Correction on Sep.29, 2006 )Maria with the infant face | Palestine | outer galaxy | Ikina island

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

April 11, 2006

(Correction on Sep.29, 2006 )
Maria with the infant face | Palestine | outer galaxy | Ikina island(Ehime Prefecture, Japan)

(Correction on Sep.29, 2006)
Though the king of outer galaxy said he had reflected and told the prince of outer galaxy would help the earth, it has been found what was told by those two was lies.
Therefore let me correct what was opened to public until now about them.

#)The work of art by Leonardo da Vinci in the early days was informed in the bulletin board.
It is the picture of Maria with the infant face and the white window.

What was told first through the channeling by Maria in the second half of '98 was that her husband was a big man and she was short and her height was only up to the waist of her husband.
In addition she was wielded violence by her drunken frenzy husband .
(Was she a little girl?)
There remains further stories about her.
NO 391

The white window shows the following contents.

"It is never seen from outside=It means the picture doesn't let others know about the truth.
The truth is that Maria was a little girl and it has been hidden.
Leonardo da Vinci knew this rumor and drew like this."

The above contents was informed in my state of trance.

Though it has not been opened to public, Maria told me she didn't know how a child was born.
She said she had been surprised to find something had come out of her buttocks.
There was a tall professional wrestler called Giant Baba in Japan whose professional wrestling attack was kicking the opponent by his big leg.
Maria told me with the signal of the pain in my abdomen when Giant Baba passed away and she told she had been dead by having been kicked by her husband.
The stories about Jesus was informed a lot by the year 2000.
Though some of them I've forgotten I remember the mother of Judah was a servant and his father was the employer.
Therefore she had a very hard time.
However she was taught about the life after death when she met Jesus and she seems to have obediently followed him with hope.
(For more information please refer to the book "The message from stars" )

I was told in a state of trance at midnight.

"I'm the one of Palestines.
I'd like to let children know the teaching of Islam is not the one of revenge anyway and the purpose of the birth of humanity."

I am going to sleep from now.

*Ms Taeko Shiraki is usually woken up for channeling at night when she is asleep.
After she writes down what was told through the channeling on the bed, she sleeps again.
Therefore she writes "I am going to sleep from now."

At dawn channeling was started.

"There were scary things for Stone gods.
They were the humanity of Chair seat.
The humanity of Chair seat made the earth ?????? (I can't understand the meaning of ?????.)
The humanity of Stone gods were being scared away.
It is the most sad matter.
Because the humanity of Chair seat were once the mates of Sagittarius.

(Humanity of Chair seat= Jews?)

Humanity of Chair seat were the people who wanted to sit on chairs gently.
They wanted to let mates do the same act, but the humanity of Sagittarius (Palestinians?) didn't have the custom to do it as they were the people of desert and they didn't have the custom to sit on chairs".

I am going to sleep from now.

I got the signal in the left ring finger.

"Please come over to Palestine by any means.
They can't understand the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' in this state.
It is impossible to understand the complex circumstances only by short stories."

Soon after that I saw (Vision)No 1

"The thin red whirlpool (the sun) are brilliant and the light whose rays spread in all directions are bright but about one fifth of them turns into the thin blue."

The meaning of the above vision is as follows.

"It has got cold as one part of the sun is dead."

(They say it got cold as drift ice has returned.)

(vision)No 2

"The sideways cone turned up and small circles cover toward the summit of the cone and there is a horizontal line under the part of the circles.
The under part of a horizontal line is sand-like and grass grows in the part it."

The meaning of the above vision is as follows.

"The sideways cone expresses Stone god who lies weak.
The sand in the under part shows Stone god can't walk.
Only the head has kept the shape of a strawberry firmly and it expresses head=consciousness is firm though body of Stone god got solidified."

(vision)No 3

"About five lines are drawn though characters (Alphabet?) can't be distinguished.
The mark of * is put on one of them."

The meaning of the above vision is as follows.

"It means the atoms from the sky and universe know the site of Occult, and New Age site has made the setting of the cut-off against the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' ."

There was a writing in the bulletin board that Symantec had such a setting.
The vision seems to have expressed through the eyes of the reader that the atoms from the sky and universe are viewing firmly that there are some who interfere with this information.

(vision)No 4

"Though many fine particles (atoms) are moving, they split and move to the both ends suddenly.
The space is made in the center and the cross-section of it is lining up neatly."

The meaning of the above vision is as follows.

" The fine particles show atoms with consciousness and atoms with the same thoughts gather together and declare their intention.
That means they show it with dislocation cloud."

When report about the attack to this information is mailed to me, I usually find news of the frequent occurrence of earthquakes.
I can't help thinking the atoms from the sky and universe are observing the events on the earth through the eyes of readers of this site.

The earthquakes of Seismic intensity 3 took place on 9 and 10 of this month.

I got the intense signal in the left elbow.

"Bad guys in the globe are beginning to suffer.
I'm the king of outer galaxy.
It is the time when I (my subconsciousness?) have to die, as I have given energy to bad guys.
When I'm born again, I will be born as a fish."

April 11, 2006

The king of outer galaxy told me that he wanted to be born as this fish.

I was in Otaru aquarium in Hokkaido, Japan.
The king of outer galaxy descended to me and told he will be born as this fish when he is born again.

"I thought many Stone gods sank and made Seto Inland Sea so that they would prevent Jinmu (legendary founding emperor of Japan) from going over to Yamatai Kingdom in Shikoku?

Ikina island (Japan)

Photographs of Arches National Park

Photographs of Arches National Park


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