The picture of Annunciation | The being with big feather= Aquila | Orion and Neu | Hexagon on Saturn 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

April 4, 2007

The picture of Annunciation | The being with big feather= Aquila | Orion and Neu |  religion | Hexagon on Saturn

A small white light turned up when I woke up at midnight.
The channeling started.

"I hope you will advance without being bund by the old things.
The being with big feather drawn in Annunciation is the being of incarnation of Aquila.
The being of Aquila with the big feathers is threatening to the queen of Sagittarius to follow her order .

(I was given the signal in the instep of the left foot=It means what is told now is true.)

It was such a painful matter as I wanted to cry.
The queen of Sagittarius was threatened to give direction to the atoms of Stone gods to turn into the form to what Aquila told.
Therefore Stone gods couldn't help turning into the shape of creepy monsters."

I am going to sleep from now.

(There are creepy stone statues, murals and so on which are seen all over the world.)

"Aquila ordered to the atoms of Stone gods through the queen of Sagittarius to change their shapes.
I'd like to ask the queen of Sagittarius to give direction to the atoms of Stone gods who changed into monsters to return to the original form.
As Aquila has been erased, please return to the original shape from the creepy shape.
I'd like to ask the atoms of Stone gods who turned into the monsters to fall apart like *Mt.Fuji.

*)Mt. Fuji=The massive landslide occurred in Mt.Fuji.
The skyline of Mt.Fuji was cut off in 14 points.
I was told atoms of Stone gods released the hands.


“Many small circles are lining up in the form of crescent moon.
There is the pattern like grid to the left.
There is a big white circle among the small ones which are lining up in the form of the crescent moon.

The meaning of the above vision is as follows.

"Small circles express the aggregation of Stone gods and a big white circle expresses the king of Sagittarius who stays in the underground cavity.
The king of Sagittarius in the underground cavity informs other Stone gods to follow the order as he was threatened by Aquila.
The grid pattern shows spiritual body of Aquila and she is threatening Stone gods.
The being of Aquila threatens to follow her order.
She made one big being (the king of Sagittarius in the underground cavity) order to follow what he told.
Therefore many atoms turned into the statues of creepy monsters."

I had the signal in the right wrist.

"The girl Stone god is condemned by everyone.
She is the Stone god who turned into the picture of Annunciation.
She is being condemned as she turned into the picture of the angel of Aquila. "

(I told her she didn't have to be condemned because I can well understand Stone woman turned into the picture. )

I am going to sleep from now.

"I saw the program about Annunciation on TV.
The more I hear the commentary, the more I felt they seemed to say that they are Stone men.
For example---

・The picture must have been drawn 300 years ago.
However the color is very fresh and lush.
・Though it is the pretty large canvas, it does not look so sloppy, even though it is enlarged.
・This is the first time that this picture goes out of Venice.
( Though I don't remember in detail, maybe it is right. )
In addition Japan is the first country that this picture has visited ---
(Note:They say this picture went abroad by the military power for a short time.)
・Texture is raw.
・Each angel hair is drawn carefully.
・The feather of that left angel is the one of such birds of prey as hawk or eagle.
・Face of Maria receiving notice keeps cool look.
Though ordinary face of Maria receiving notice show a surprised look, that picture is different and show the cool look.
・Countless holes are drawn in the teracotta floor.
Texture of soft cloth is shown on top of the rough texture.
・Flowers are also drawn on real.
・The feather of this picture is just the real one though the angels in the pictures until then didn't have ones and later they came to be drawn in the rainbow colors.
・All are drawn vividly.

TV program gave such a commentary as written above.

The person who went to see the picture actually told as follows.

"It looks as if it were the photo.
Leonardo da Vinci drew it 20 years earlier than 'Last supper', and the long and short of it he drew it when he was 20--21 years old.
I can't believe he was able to draw it in such a young age."

I woke up as I felt itchy in the left hand.
The channeling started.

"Orion speaking.
I came here to convey that the power of Neu which made the power to convey more powerful than before.
You can understand it because the figurehead on TV began to sound music when you switch on the TV by remote control.

(There was a rapping sound)

Because Orion convey Neus to make humanity inform.
They are not doing the bad things.
They are working to help the earth."

I am going to sleep from now.

*)Neu=It is the collection of consciousness and it has no figure.
It is the spiritual bodies in the universe.
*)The switch of the remote control =The figurehead on the TV began to sound music after April when I switched the remote control of the TV.
The news of TV told when people put the switch on the remote control, the heater is sometimes switched on.
I was told by a mail that switch of the heater was on while he didn't know.
The mail had been sent to me before the news.
The writing in the bulletin board told as follows.
The phenomenon of the TV channel is changed without permission started around the time when the sink holes were made in Guatemala and the channel changed without permission today, too.
The channeling info told me as follows.

Orion speaking.
I have been possessed by goblin.
I reflect on it obediently.
Therefore I'm explaining about the invisible world with the intention of explanation.
It is about the switch of remote control.
The reason why the switch of remote control has become a topic is that Orion has been related to that phenomena.
It is the same phenomena as the legs of the plane didn't come out.

(Crash landing)

The accident of crash landing shows they are apologizing by lowering the head of the plane in the place of Aquila."

*)It is the enigma as the pole of Saturn has become hexagon.

This phenomenon shows atoms of Saturn (the same atoms that descended from Sagittarius) is informing the number six is important.
The long and short of it, it is important for humanity to notice that there is invisible subconsciousness in addition to the bodies (limb and head=5).
They say the water column has erupted at a frightening pace in Enceladus satellite of Saturn.
I'm not sure the meaning of it because there has been no messages about it until now.


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