Small stone circles | The meaning of Dolmen | The emblem of Hisham's Palace | Wadi Rum, and so on

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

June 3,2006

Small stone circles | The meaning of Dolmen | The emblem of Hisham's Palace | Wadi Rum, and so on

Hisham's Palace

June 3, 2006

I went to bed after I asked the meaning of small stone circles and the symbol mark? of Palace of Palestine to the atoms from the sky and the universe.

"Let me tell you the meaning of small stone circles.
This informed Stone humans were made like this.
That means there were Stone gods in the ground, too.

(The bodies of Stone gods became the floor and Stone humans were generated in the form like Kamakura.)
Kamakura is the house made of snow.

It informs the atoms which came under others gathered together from around like this and stood up as Stone humans.
The single stone(Not stone circles but Standing Stone) also expresses it(Stone human).
The small stone work (*dolmens) were used for generating the small animals.
Stone god gave energy by means of Dolmen which had the enclosure.
Atoms which turned into small rabbits or foxes said they didn't like to turn up in the space without anything.
*Small animals were afraid to turn up in the space where there were nothing though big goats and deer were not afraid to turn up in the space where there was nothing.

Dolmen=Table-shaped megalith

Is this the emblem of Hisham's Palace in Palestine?

"Six-pointed star is hidden in this pattern.
Six-pointed star means Star of David.
It is the star which cherishes number 6 which means it recognizes the subconsciousness.
This pattern shows the above explained meaning was hidden as there had been wars in the long years.
In addition it shows Palestinians and Jews have the same ancestor.

"You fellows" story


I woke up as I had the intense signal in the right palm at dawn.
(As the following was informed through the channeling, too, I'm not sure if it is the story in the real world.)

"The man called *Vadim speaking.
I made the sentence which told to stop fighting with Israel.
When I was reading the booklets titled The "You fellows" story, the thought against Jews has changed.
"You fellows" story

I got the signal in my lips.

I found the reason why Jews want to come to Palestine, though I had thought Jews were ill.
I also found there are people who are going to visit Palestine.

(I had thought political situation of Palestine got stable and Palestine could get the foreign currency as the tourist attraction.)

I realized both countries can live in peace if their heart get mild.
I also found goblins have come from the stars of snakes and I thought we should not be dominated by them.
I have seen many people become cruel as if they turned into the other person suddenly.
I had thought that there was no help for it because those cruel behavior is inherent in war.
However I realized they did such cruel behavior as they were manipulated by the Ruler's Stars.
I think we should become the people who are not dominated at any cost.
This is the change of my thoughts."

(The other day I was reading the news which told the captured leaders of Hamas and Fatah made a sentence so that they would accept the two countries'co-existence with Israel.)

* )I was told through the channeling about the name, Vadim which I have never heard.
I just had a look at the travelogue about Syria and I found the rocky mountain which has the similar name ( images of Wadi Rum on parade).
When I was thinking that the name Vadim has something to do with Wadi Rum, I got the signal around the hip.
Vadim may be the incarnation of the mountain of the rocky mountain in Syria?

#)The image of a reader from bulletin board

"According to my image of yesterday, a stone circle turned up in the precincts of the shrine Ishikiri.
I thought there possibly existed there.
The rocks which are put here and there in an offhand manner might be a part of stone circles.

There were really lots of stone circles here and there.
As the authority wanted to seal Stone gods they broke stone circles and moved them away.
In addition people in later years thought they got in the way for cultivation and moved them away.
Therefore I think the remained stones which escaped being moved away became just the stones.
(When I was writing about it, I had the signal in the right hip which expressed what I was writing was true.)

(Postscript)From bulletin board

"I remember now I happened to see there were such standing stones here and there in the rice field in Shikoku and Kyusyu in Japan.
Some of them were in the center of rice field and I wondered it must get in the way for the farm work.
I think now it might be a part of stone circles.


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