Ramesses | The meaning of the Egyptian mural | The energy body of World Religions Conference | SS |  Served monk | The bad planets in the solar system 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Aug. 28, 2006

Ramesses | The meaning of the Egyptian mural | The energy body of World Religions Conference  | SS |  Served monk | The bad planets in the solar system

I woke up as I got the signal in the foot at midnight.

The subconsciousness of Ramesses descended to me and told as follows.

Let me tell you about the characters which are written on my stomach.
“This is not my body.
I'm in the rocky mountain.
This is a part of my body.”
The above part which is written inside "    " was written on my stomach.
I am telling about the characters written on the stomach of Ramesses.
The humanity is given nutrition through the stomach and go away( It means to be born).
The different matter is also written on the stone columns.
The beings which came from the universe turned into the pillars.
These pillars are made up of the atoms which came from the universe.
The atoms are invisible to the eye as they are too small.
The explanation of the name of Ramesses is also written on the pillars.
It was Sirius that devised the characters.
It was Ramesses.
As I was forced by the villain (the Ruler's Stars) I made the unpleasant matter draw, too. 
They were the pictures of snakes, and so on.
In addition I made the pictures of strives draw, too.
Let me apologize for it.
I drew that humanity was born from women.
It is the long picture.
The human body was drawn long, which meant the interval of menstruation.

(The above explanation is about the mural which is said to have drawn Life and Death(?), sunrise and dawn(?))

The characters are informing that the preparation is done so that nutrition is accumulated until eggs are fertilized.
If there were no fertilization of the eggs, the blood would flow for menstruation and it also started from scratch.

(I got the signal in the lower abdomen.)
I am going to sleep from now.

I got the signal in the back and I woke up.
The channeling started.

"It tells oxygen is exchanged in the pleura.
Oxidation is drawn in the picture.
The picture of small birds show the beings of bird seat taught mechanism of gastrointestinal."

(The birds can digest creatures which is eaten while they are alive.)

#)World Religions Conference was held.
It was held in Kyoto this year, too.

(I'm not sure the following contents is true or not because it was informed through the channeling. Channeling information is usually related to the matter in the subconsciousness world and the matter in the subconsciousness world do not always appear in this real world.)
I woke up at midnight.
The channeling has started.

"I cannot help laughing.
This is the evidence of villains.
It was informed by the robot.
The villain tempted other villains to counteract against some stuff one day thirty years ago(?).
Some stuff means there would appear the stuff which would counteract villains some day.
So the bad guys tried to unite with one another.
It is World Religions Conference.
The one who stood on its head was the author of evil and he is contacting with one another.
He is the man of Ohtani clan (Nishi Hongwan-ji Temple)".

In the morning on Aug. 28.

"The villains have come.
Most of the Japanese religious people who gathered together in Kyoto told that the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' is the words which was told by the one who were haunted by the goblin.
What had been tod by religious people was conveyed to Iraq and suicide bombing has recurred.

(I felt the itchy signal in the right palm.)

"The signal which was given to your right palm tells religion is bad.
It is true.
Let me tell the truth.
The humanity has to understand it.
It is about SS of Nazi.
The thing which brought it up was the teaching of Christianity.
To wipe out Jews is correct was taught as Jews were the offspring of Judah who was the traitor.
Therefore the youth participated in the initiative in the annihilation of Jews.

The person of Namu (Buddist ) has descended.
The person of Nothing (Buddhist) descended, too.
Buddhis informed me that they told to soldiers as follows.

"Our country (=Japan) is God country.
Manchukuo (Manchurian prewar Japanese puppet state) is the country of Japan.
The living god tells Manchukuo belongs to Japan.
Don't regard local people as humanity.
Regard them as brutes.
In addition they told it would not become a crime however many they might kill.
They said it was not contrary to the teaching of Namu (Buddhism).
They told it to the soldiers as the served monk.
They said with an emphasis that they were the ones who were related with Emperor's family."
"The religious man who participated in Religions Conference and subjected to demon tells the truth now.
The contents which was made in the meeting where there were no media was the following words.
As everyone has gathered together, please let everyone's prayer recite the following prayer.

"Those who are spreading the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' as the true story, are the ones who are haunted by goblins."
I'd like to ask you to spread the above contents to the people in my country.
It is the thing which was done in the Religions Conference.
The reason why you (=Ms Taeko Shiraki) were attacked by the acute pain was the thoughts of religious people gathered together, formed the intense energy and attacked you.
The channeling information told you repeatedly something bad would take place.
It was about the attack from the energy of religious people."

*)The following is the words given through the channeling before going to bed on 27.

"Let me tell the name of the most terrible star which is doing evil deeds even now.
It is the subconsciousness of the star which is going to put humanity under the control of the star of reptiles.
It is the planet in the solar system which has not be given the name yet.
The planet make humanity do the suicide bombing.
Those who know the new planet in the solar system are the astronomers.
Why don't they make people know the name?
If they made people know it, it would be erased.

(Note:Miss Taeko Shiraki usually erase the energy body by the power of her spirit.)

Those planets causes the friction between humans.
Those energy bodies enter the underground cavity and were doing evil deeds."

(Since then I had the uncomfortable feeling below the left eye.)

There was the event that rang a bell yesterday.
When I went for the hot spring yesterday, I just yawned and got sleepy.
Then my mouth began to speak, "Something bad will take place."
I reached hot spring around 18:00 but the strange words which were not Japanese came out of my mouth in the car.
Suddenly, severe pain which prevented me from my breathing was felt on the left chest .
I asked the meaning of the pain.
The beings from the sky told me through the channeling the life of Hoshinomina (alter ego of Miss Taeko Shiraki) would be lost.
The acute pain disappeared after a few seconds and sleepiness also disappeared.
Therefore I was able to go into the hot spring and eat dinner delicious.
I didn't know the reason why I felt acute pain at the top of the left breast then.
However the announcement of this morning let me understand the meaning of the pain.
I recited as follows.
"I erased all the unnamed planets in the solar system. "

*)The following thing was also told when I asked the reason of the pain in my left breast.

"More blood, more blood---
It meant "Give me more blood."
It was the word of the villain in Mu  .
The subconsciousness which haunted people in Okinawa, is doing mischief.
The subconsciousness of the villain is descending to the person who sings the language of Okinawa."

I recited as follows and erased the subconsciousness of the villain.
"I erased the subconsciousness who said, "I want more blood."
The subconsciousness of the villains seem to have coalesced with the energy body of religious people and it got stronger.
I recited as follow, too.
"I erased the energy body of religious people."

The following is the earthquake information.

Time of occurrence    Around 11;00 on Aug, 28, 2006
Epicenter Yonaguni Island waters
120 m depth
Magnitude 5.3 3 
Seismic intensity 2, Okinawa Prefecture

"Until now was the repetition of the following.
The strong have used the wealth of the earth as they liked and the weak have been oppressed.

Please notice about it.
The media don't let people know the big blot of religions, either."


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