Story of the Stone men and human beings

Story of the Stone men and human beings


Story of the Stone humans and human being

By Takashi

This info is from THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA .

Story of the Stone humans and human being

Atoms of Stone gods' body were able to change their shapes as they want to be.
So atoms formed a lot of figures for various purposes.
Atoms became giants like mountains and also became angels, dwarfs and various shapes.
Though they turned into many things they found the human type was the best of all .
In stone tombs and cave tombs in the side of mountains and hills, atoms became Stone humans whose ingredient is the same as their parent Stone gods.
Stone men were born from bodies of Stone gods and they had bodies which looked like clay.
Various Stone men appeared on the earth and they lived happily.

Please refer to What are Stone gods and Stone humans?

However bad stars saw them and got uninteresting.
They didn't allow Stone men's monopolization of the earth.
So Bad stars planned to harden Stone humans' body.
Stone men knew that plan of bad stars.
Therefore they asked for help to good stars to leave their descendants (human beings) before their bodies were hardened as stones by bad stars.
That's the true reason why human beings were born on the earth.

Atoms of Stone men's bodies decomposed into atoms after they memorized Stone humans' shapes with these good stars' support.
Atoms got energy from Stone gods in a stone circle or sarcophagus and they appeared as human beings.
As it was hard for the early human beings to get energy from food, they were weak and died soon.
So Stone gods created delicious and nutritious food for human beings.
Human beings in Japan ate delicious food and were able to live by themselves without the help of Stone men the early days, though human beings in Europe found it difficult to live by themselves because their food was animals.

The origin of human beings was Stone gods and Stone humans.
Stone gods and Stone humans gave food and took care of human beings.
After Stone men died and became stones and soil, bad stars hid their existence from human beings.
Stone humans in Egypt and Europe took care of human beings until late age.
As they knew what bad stars did in other places, they became statues or other things to leave the evidence of their existence.
In Egypt, Stone humans buried themselves into the wall and became wall sculptures and paintings.
The paintings have expressed how human beings appeared.
And atoms of Stone humans' bodies decomposed and were left as mosaic images and paintings.
But bad stars told human beings that all the old remains were made by human beings and Stone humans didn't exist but existed only in the myths.
And they made human beings worship bad stars as Gods with religions.
They enjoyed watching human beings fight for difference of religions.
It was just like games for bad stars.

The picture as follows shows temples at Abu Simbel in Egypt.
A pot on the head was used to stock nourishment (melted Stone gods) for Stone humans.
A thing like the beard under the chin was used to throw the remains of food after Stone humans tasted nourishment.

* The earth had been very hot before Stone gods solidified the ground.
When Stone gods descended to the earth, the brave Stone gods dashed into the hot earth.
So they got charred, and human beings who had black skin and frizzy hair were created to express them.
Black skin is a proof that Stone gods made the earth "the planet of hope".


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