dedicate=show to hair | beard or tonsure =the plot of the Ruler's Stars | seek the perspective art=Be swayed by energy body

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Many cases show us that subconsciousness=spirit go away from the body and look at this world from the world of subconsciousness calmly without any pain when people die.

(Near-death experience by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross , and so on)

I was told through the channeling by the dead spirits many times.
However no spirits told me they were in trouble with resentment or pain, though they sometimes told me the reason why they were involved in the incident.
However energy bodies who stay in the low dimension like to do mischief and enjoy making humanity surprise by dominating them.
Those energy bodies in the low dimension impersonate the dead spirits and talks as if dead spirits were talking and enjoy dominating the humanity whom they try to dominate.

Though some of the psychic phenomena inform us those who died with the accidental death are suffering, energy body which like mischief impersonate the one who died with the accidental death and fool us by the acting.
Those energy body is good at impersonating the dead people.

Jan. 7, 2005

dedicate=show to hair | beard or tonsure =the plot of the Ruler's Stars | seek the perspective art=Be swayed by energy body

At midnight on Jan. 7, 2005

"I'm going to tell you about Kefusa.
Kefusa means beard and whisker.
It was the being of bad stars that made them Kefusa.
Ke (=the shape of the character '') expresses to devote on the head.
Why is it lifted up on the head?
"Thank you for such amount of food." is said and it is shown by the hair on the head.
There are countless hair on the top of the head and they express the unnamed stars in the universe.
Hair express the beings from the sky and Stone gods who gave food to humanity.
It is the Ruler's Stars that made humanity forget hair and make humanity turn consciousness to beard and whisker.
And the one which made hair be hidden by hats or turban is the religion which was nade by the Ruler's Stars.
The most terrible one is the Buddhism that made some of the humanity shave off the hair."

The same information was given me in an early days but it is the first time that informed me about the meaning of devoting food overhead.
As I read the book titled "Be burned in the fire while alive" and found too bad habits are being carried out in the Middle East region, my left wrist got sore red itchy.
The left wrist expresses Palestine (=Islam) and right wrist expresses Judea.
The parts of the body express the region on the earth.
For example the stain which turn up in the right side of the right eye show Atlantis.
Those who have stains there show they had the past life in Atlantis.
There was a rash of about 10 yen coin for nearly 20 years on my left wrist.
However Arafat told as follows.

"Even the prophet made mistakes."

The rash on my left wrist was healed completely after he told above the remark of his.
However the rash turned up again as the situation of Islamic society got too terrible.
I unconsciously scratched the left wrist as much as blood comes out last night and the atoms from the sky and the universe seems to have expressed their grief against too much tyranny by the men in Islamic society.
(Incidentally there are many stains on the right wrist.
Rash of slightly bigger one now pop out and became like a small wart .)

RV=Remote Viewing= TV has projected the program which praised the ability of clairvoyance and expensive seminar to get such an ability seems to be going around.
However if we are connected with the low dimension by such an ability, we would be haunted by energy body of low level and terrifying situation will be brought about.
That means if we had the desire to be worshiped by the scoop capacity, such energy body would haunt us willingly.

You should know murder cases (containing diseases) take place as there is a meaning for it.
The psychics usually say the spirits of the victim who were dead by disasters, and so on, are suffering on the spot but there is never such a thing.
The spirits who got dead go away from the dead body and looking at this real world from the world of spirits calmly without pain, has been informed by many cases.( Near-death experience by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, and so on)
Some of the channeling information has informed me why the spirits were involved in the incidents but no channeling told me spirits were in trouble with resentment or pain.
Those who come to say such a thing is the energy body of mischievous in low dimension and they want to manipulate humanity by their own way .
They impersonate the dead person and amuse by manipulating humans.
To fluoroscopy the scene of incident in ESP means the viewer descends to such a low dimension.
It is not good and pleasant to be able to see such scenes constantly in the usual life.
Patients of psychiatry sometimes tell that they saw the scene of murder, which is the very painful thing and they will not be able to dispose of sleeping pills.
The channeler whom I knew was able to see the visions of the terrifying scenes.
She said to the people who came to have a consultation with her, "You have to atone for sin in this life as you had committed a terrible crime in the past life".
She opened the seminar and did the purification ceremony.
She was completely pushed around.
She told she often saw the dream of the snake, though she had lots of money.
If you got much money, you should think you would get the aid of the star of snakes.
Those who can see angels usually think their dimension has increased.
However angels are connected with vicious energy bodies as I told before.
The famous woman who can perspective and often appear on TV has the symptom of difficulty of walking.
The subconsciousness of her is showing that her subconsciousness hates to walk such a way in this real world.


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