Mt. Anpira | Arafat | vision(The history of the earth) | The support of Sirius, and so on  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

This page also tells about Arafat who was poisoned.

June 6, 2005

Mt. Anpira(in Japan) | Arafat | vision(The history of the earth) | The support of Sirius, and so on

I went strawberry picking as it was the refreshing weather on July 5, 2005.
I was drinking tea after I picked strawberries while looking at the garden where many flowers were glooming.
Then completely unexpected words came out of my mouth.

"I'm Arafat (Palestinian chairman).
I'm the man died in France."

I asked repeatedly as the above words came out of my mouth.

"That's right."

I'm Stone god of Mt. Anpira (in Japan).

(Is he the incarnation of the giant of Stone god?)

I went to Palestine because I had been told by Sirius to go there in order to bring peace.
However I lost the energy body of Fatah and failed to bring peace.
I'm happy as I can see the beautiful Japan like this as I descended in the form of subconsciousness.
I'm taking a rest comfortably at the other world."

The above words came out of my mouth.
Mt. Anpira (in Japan) is the mountain where I visited the place near it with my traveling companion last year.
My comanion told she was anxious about it then.

It was mysterious for me why Mt.Teine or Mt. Anpira (in Japan) which are the Stone gods in Japan went to Middle East.
The reason why they went there is the king of Sagittarius who had turned into Dome of the Rock asked for help to Sirius and Sirius seems to have informed Stone gods in Japan.
As I was asked to visit Mt. Anpira (in Japan) this time, too, I went to climb it as I had the luxury of time.
It is the low mountain where there is the municipal ski area.
The place where the trees had been mowed got skinny and there were dense goldenrod.
Butterbur that has grown once in a while was full of moths.
The rough mountain full of pebbles which was occupied by goldenrod was reminiscent of Palestine which got rough in the fight.
(The goldenrod is the weed of alien species and it has the poison in the root and it is the weeds which weaken and annihilate native species around and the yellow flower of it has the shape of a triangular arrow like cedar trees.
By contrast, huge butterbur and fern grow densely in the other places where woods have been left.
Mulch is piled up in the soft and fluffy which was the rich forest with magnolia  and Japanese pepper trees were growing and the little birds were chirping.
I couldn't help wishing that Palestine would reconstruct as soon as possible like this rich forest like this.
And both Palestinians and Israelites live happily and enjoy the blessing of the earth.
One of the clouds which we saw from Mt. Anpira (in Japan) kept the same shape while we were there.
The shape of it was the rectangle cloud were separated into two parts.
I was told through the channeling that the shape of the cloud informed us that the king of Sirius was separated from the queen of Sirius.

【visionA】seen at dawn.

This vision seems to have expressed the history of the earth so far which is written in 'The story of the universe'.

1) "The pebbles with various expressions have spread everywhere."
(This vision shows Stone gods descended everywhere on the earth like this and covered the earth.)

2) "There are lots of small islands."
(The sea was made as Mercury sent down the rain a lot and cooled the earth since then.
The vision shows there were Stone gods who sank in the sea. )

3)"Water increased more and the number of the islands got less."
(The humanity were made miserable experiences owing to the Ruler's Stars.
As Stone gods asked for help, the water from Mars showered on the earth and "the Giant Deluge of Noah" took place.
Therefore the number of islands is further reduced.)

4) "This is the animation which show water increased and islands went away from one another.
The animation also shows Stone gods of big islands kissed (sticked) the Stone gods of continent and peninsulas were made.

(Bretagne(a former province of northwestern France on a peninsula between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay) which I visited the other day came to mind .
I was told previously that the being who made Carnac ruins was the queen of Sagittarius of Europe.)

【vision B】 which I saw after re sleeping.

"There is a small thing like a rabbit in somewhat elongated square with the blackish pattern shown in the white background.
The rabbit(?) is being bullied repeatedly by various things.
Eventually the blackish color turn into the whitish color which is the same color with the circumference.

The meaning of the above vision is as follows.

"The subconsciousness which is related with Sirius was being bullied but it was able to run away as Sirius came to help it.
The blackish color is the energy body of the thoughts of Pleiadenai and it has disappeared as Sirius appeared."

Some of the readers of my site report me there are those who are completely pushed around by energy body around them
I make it a rule to give advise in order to erase those energy bodies as follows.
"If you think energy body is haunting someone please imagine as follows and erase the energy body.
Please imagine there is energy body of black light on the back of the haunted person.
Next please imagine you will torn up the black light with the white lightning(=Hoshinomina (alter ego of Miss Taeko Shiraki)).
Since then please imagine you will wrap up the black light that was torn up with the white light of lightning.
In that case, if you ask for the help of Sirius, you seem to be able to get stronger help."


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