The tour to Stone gods in the US(No2)

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

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Stone god in Yosemite park

April 29, 2003

The tour to Stone gods in the US(No 2)

The following is how to make arch-like rock told by Stone gods.
Please see Mysterious rocks of Arches National Park on parade before reading the following.

1) The shape like Half Dome is made first by the still soft body of Stone god.
(Though it may seem to be cruel when it is thought by humanity, Stone gods seem to have made their bodies into various things as they felt no pain even though they might turn into the different form.)

Half Dome seen from Yosemite valley

2) Next the inside is hollowed out into the shape of a slipper.

3) Next much rock is got ride of from the tip of the shape of slipper and the arch is left.

4) Then the form of arch is fixed.

Many semicircles were hollowed out in various cliffs to prove they were not made by running water because Stone gods knew that humanity later years would think arches were made by the running water.

There are arch-type ones which are composed of the group with two or three ones are lining up or with three mouths of the hole faces a three-way .

Those ones seem to have been made by the creating methods written above.
As Stone gods seem to have done the transmission of the will by telepathy, the work of art made by them didn't become the same ones.
In addition, the pillars for supporting one side of the arch were added in case one side of the arch became too thin after being scrapped off too much.

The reinforcement of the arch

yDelicate Arch-The rock of lower extremities(?)z

I was not able to visit the work of art which is famous for the lower extremities with joints as I didn't have enough time to visit it.
However I found in the photo that the rock had foot and toes.
I was told alter egos of Stone gods were able to walk freely as legs were made for them.
However they were not able to take a rest as they had no joints.
Therefore they taught the atoms from the sky and the universe so that they would make knee joint, ankle, toes, and so on for the easy walking, I was told.

yBalanced Rockz

Balanced Rock

The rock pillar of the bottom is supporting the top round rock in perfect balance.
I was told this rock is the body of queen of Sagittarius and it expresses she plays the role of mediating successfully between Stone gods and humanity.
I was told the reason why the top rock doesn't fall by taking the balance is that Stone god instructed to the atoms of the rock so that they would keep taking the balance.

yThe rocks which show offerings(?). z

The rocks which show offerings

I saw several things like white rice crackers put on the rock pillars here and there.
The white thing is called "the juice" and it is the body fluid of Stone gods.
I was told it served as the food for Stone humans.
Stone gods were told about round rice-cakes in Japan through the telepathy and they imitated rice-cakes and made offerings.

yGrand Canyonz

Grand Canyon starts from the middle of the Colorado River.
It starts suddenly by the depression from a certain place of the plain when I saw it from the car.
The river goes down by meandering.
I found the depressions like tributaries and depressions which are by the river and they are in the higher place than the river.
In addition, I visited the famous place which curves in a horseshoe shape.
The water is very low and rocks are not rounded at all.
Therefore I thought the theory that the valley was made by being scraped off by the water flow doubtful.

I was told the valleys were dug down as hard as possible by the king of Sagittarius and his mates for the safety of humanity so that the Ruler's Stars would not attack.
However those valleys seem not to have been dug down when I really saw it.
They were completely flat.
Therefore I asked the atoms from the sky and the universe why they are flat, though I was told they were dug down.

"Stone gods made their bodies flat, lay down as they were and they gave direction to the atoms of their body so that a part of their body would collapse and turn into the river."

The king of Sagittarius seems to have issued instructions so that atoms would turn into the rivers or make pyramids.
Therefore the river got wide by running meandering here and there and the rocks like pyramids were found on the way to depression.
I was told the only symbol made of the square mound is the grave of the king.

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