Gospel of Judas | Zoroaster+Celtic | Energy body of Buddha | Minoan civilization

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

April 7, 2006

Gospel of Judas | Zoroaster+Celtic | Energy body of Buddha | Minoan civilization

#)yGospel of Judasz

Judah didn't betray.
Manuscript decoding of [Gospel of Judas] in 1700 years ago

"Judah didn't betray" corresponds to the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' which have been informed me through the channeling since the summer of 1998.
However Gnostic thought of [Gospel of Judas] has been reflected by the thought of Gnosticism.
According to the Gnostic thought, the body was made by the low level Creation God and the God's ultimate goodness stays in the outside of the physical world (= the world of spirits).
The long and short of it, the Ruler's Stars made humanity think them as God .
It is the same as the thought of ascension that has continued until today.
This sentence was not written by Judah but it was written by the Gnostic person who was ruled by stars which wanted to dominate humans.
The Ruler's Stars made humanity attach great importance only on spirits.
It is the same as the current mass suicide of cult of a series , and monks who asked for the attainment of Buddhahood during life.
The channeling told me Judah indeed understood Jesus' teachings best.
Judah took Jesus down from the cross with his brother and sheltered Jesus who was alive.
He escaped Jerusalem with Jesus who got well and proceeded to the east on board the ship.
He downed the ship at India.
Jesus arrived at Japan and his footprints have been left on the places of Japanese names.

yThe Jesus tale of 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'z

yThe more detailed Jesus tale from the SKY (SORA) NO1z

yThe more detailed Jesus tale from the SKY (SORA) NO2z


"Ocher various patterns (pots and so on) on the screen like Greek islands turn up and spread everywhere but they disappear.
It is repeated twice."

The meaning of the above vision is as follows.

"The vision shows the energy body of the religion of Minoa in Crete."

yI have erased the energy body of Minoaz

(The intense signal was felt in the middle and the third toe of the right foot.)

"The red pillars of architecture in Crete inform about Zoroaster.
Zoroaster taught humanity should think a great deal of the fire as it had been taught by Mars.
However Zoroaster was taken advantage of by Bootes which took advantage of it so that they would dominate humanity as religion.
In addition, Bootes sent the monsters like cattle in the legends of Minoa.
Since then it affected Greece, too.
Therefore the Greek myths became the cruel stories."

(I got the signal in the right palm. )

*)yA part was corrected on Feb. 20, 2007 z

"As Bootes dominated Crete civilization, Stone gods got sick of it and they made the continent of Atlantis by carrying the soil from the Mediterranean.
The big pots belonged to Stone humans.
The reason why it became impossible for Stone humans to live on was that Bootes and Pleiades got in the way of Stone humans.
It is drawn in the picture (dolphin) of Minoan civilization."

(Dolphin=It is the animal which was sent to the earth by Pleiades.)

They say the goddess who has the snake is displayed in the home in Crete civilization.

#)A mail which told as follows was sent to me in the morning.

"I saw a red light flash when When I closed my eyes last night, the thing which looked like the human face was also seen, then I thought the face is related to Akihiro Miwa who is the Japanese famous actor that is ruled by stars which wanted to dominate humans.
Therefore I erased the image of him.
The green light flash was seen today.
The '~' mark was seen in the green and it seems to show the caterpillar.

The meaning of the above vision is as follows.

"The red light shows energy body of Zoroaster has still remained in Celtic.
The green means the energy body of Celtic and the mark '~' shows it is not good."

The red people in the above image show the people who were ruled by the energy body of Zoroaster and Celtic.
As they have been spread all over the world, the image showed the energy body got very strong.
People are apt to think any old thing is good but I want people to know it is suspicious something might be lurking in them and people should be wary that it is very dangerous to keep such old things.
I happened to hear the words of Mr. Ozawa of the leader of Democratic Party.
He said in the first words of his speech people should think a great deal of traditional culture.
I thought he was forced to say such a word by bad energy body.


Thank you for your mail.

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