The rock of the sun in Yamazoe-village, Nara Prefecture, Japan (=Chojyu rock) @

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Sep. 29, 2008

The rock of the sun in Yamazoe-village, Nara Prefecture, Japan(=Chojyu rock) They say this round megalith emerged from the ground while the Home Hall in Yamazoe-village was under construction.

It is said six or seven huge round rocks also emerged from the ground but the smaller ones other than this one were blown up.
However this one was too big to blow up.
It weighs about 600 tons of 7 m diameter.
When I visited this megalith, subconsciousness of it talked to me through the channeling.

"This is my face.
As Stone god looks like jellyfish, I made the form of this megalith ellipse.
This megalith looks round depending on the viewing angle as the sun is round.
I (this round megalith) express the sun.
The other smaller round rocks which expressed the planets of the solar system were all blown up by the Ruler's Stars.
The left eye of this megalith is opened but the right one is closed.
The left eye is square because I was told to turn into this shape by Sirius.
As you know, the symbol of Sirius is square.

(Even though the form of eyes were carved by humanity, inspiration was given to humanity to curve into this shape.)

As humanity don't believe in the world of subconsciousness, the right eye is closed.

The nasty thing (Note:the religious decorations of straw ropes) was put around my face but I had the thing which expresses the tube for sucking the juice hanged on my forehead at least through the channeling.
The oblique line on the rock show the sun has vessels.
The long and short of it, it was made to show the sun is alive and has subconsciousness."

iWhen I saw the rock of Miyagi Prefecture, Japan which has the lines in it previously, the subconsciousness of it told me Stone god put the lines so that they could show they had the vessels or nerves and were alive.)

The white lines show Stone gods had nerves and could transfer the information.

Nov.9, 2012

The rock of the sun in Yamazoe-village, Nara Prefecture, Japan (=Chojyu rock)

The subconsciousness of the rock of the sun in Yamazoe-village, Nara Prefecture, Japan (=Chojyu rock) said to me through the channeling, "Please come over as soon as possible."
I have worried if the earthquake might have been planned to occur even in Japan through the underground as the one of M 7.4 occurred in Guatemala.
Therefore I hurried to the rock of the sun in Yamazoe-village, Nara Prefecture, Japan with the fellows of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA.
iThe earthquake occurred off Fukushima Prefecture around 12:20 on Nov.9,2012 .
It ended with M 5.5 seismic intensity 4(?).)
Last time when I visited there, I was told the subconsciousness of the round rock hated to be wound by the religious decorations of straw ropes and it meant he was wound by a snake.
This time the subconsciousness of it complained of being attached by Dragon.

This round rock was made as the huge orb flew to Japan from Iran and it hardened.
I was told this rock is a little distorted because it landed when it was soft.
They say it was excavated from the stratum of hundreds of millions years ago.
The stratum seems to become the old one, because he has been angry as he hardened after he flew here with much efforts but many Stone gods ride on him.(Laughs)
This time the subconsciousness of the rock told me he is related to the sun, which was told in the last visit, too.
It seems to be the huge group of Minanoko (small groups of atoms).


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