Before entering the toll road of Noto peninsula | The body of Noah?  The top of Mt. Houtatsu in Japan | Hakusan Shrine(Fukui Prefecture) | The park for Moses (Isikawa Prefecture) 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Sep. 22, 2008

Before entering the toll road of Noto peninsula

Salvia flowers planted endlessly greeted us.
I asked the meaning of the red Salvia flowers .
I was told the highway of Salvia flowers were made to plant bright red Salvia flowers by telepathy to show the Yamato Kingdom of old Japan destroyed (shed blood) Country of Japan.

There was no sea between Japanese archipelago and Chinese continent in those days.
There was the grassland in the place where there is sea now.
However Stone gods knew Dragons would come from China.
Therefore one part of the grassland sank and Sea of Japan was made.
However Stone gods in Japan knew that Noah and his mates would come to Japan from Middle East, Stone gods formed the Noto peninsula so that Noah and his mates would not pass through it when they came on board the ship.
Noto peninsula has the form of sickle because Stone god expressed with its shape that Okuninushi (deity of magic and medicine later viewed as equivalent to Daikokuten and celebrated at Izumo Grand Shrine) came to Japan with a big sickle.
There are too many houses for the peninsula.
There seems to have been many humanity as it was the plain around there formerly.

Sep. 22, 2008

The body of Noah? The top of Mt. Houtatsu

According to the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA', Noah of Judea and Muura, parent-child (both were Stone humans?) came to Japan long ago.
Muura and the daughter of Queen Himiko were married and the son named Yamahiko was born betwen them.
History has been transmitted to me as Yamahiko ruled the country which was the beginning of Country of Japan.
Noah taught iron-making with Muura near Mt. Ooe but they were expelled by Yamato Kingdom of old Japan and reached Ishikawa Prefecture where they were confined in the cage and died.
Since then they were conveyed to have been buried in Mt. Houtatsu .
When I visited Mt. Houtatsu, the spirit of Noah descended to me and said to me, "Please come to see me because I became the rock at the top of the mountain."
Though the lane was narrow, I went up the mountain as it was possible to go up by car.
There were many steles on the top of the mountan.
Noah told me he became this rock in the above image as he was Stone man.
I was told by Noah the rock was similar to a crab because he had come from Cancer.
(I got the signal in the right ankle and I was said, "Thank you for introducing what I told."
Incidentally Isukiri (the name of Jesus after he reached Japan) told me through the channeling he became the tombstone on Mt. Ikoma because he was Stone man.

Sep. 22, 2008

Hakusan shrine(Fukui Prefecture, Japan)

This is the shrine to which I was called to visit through the channeling, as I was told to chop the energy body of the serpents which had settled down there.
I was told the moss which has grown there expresses it.

Sep. 22, 2008

Moses Park(Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan)

It is also situated at the foot of Mt. Houtatu.
I was told the subconsciousness of Moses and his family descended here from Israel in the form of Stone god.
I was also told the wife of Moses and the concubine(?)and his children became tumuluses.
There are lots of pine trees and tumuluses whose shapes are like upside-down rice bowls covered with pine trees are lining up.
Incidentally this is the Hakui town which is famous for the resource center of ufos and blue-violet light showed up when we passed through the toll road there.
In addition very small black fine particles showed up a lot and they formed whirlpools.
That's because the Ruler's Stars sent energy bodies in the form of ufos.


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