The stone stage(Ishibutai)in Nara Prefecture of Japan  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Oct. 31, 2012

The stone stage(Ishibutai) in Nara Prefecture of Japan NO2

You can find how big it is when compared with humanity.
Though it was made in the era when humanity didn't have heavy equipments, it was told it was the grave which was made for authority.
It looks like a baby depending on the viewing angle.
Stone humans were made inside it.


June 3, 2005

The stone stage(Ishibutai)in Nara Prefecture of Japan No 1
The stone stage(Ishibutai)in Nara Prefecture

I was told the humanity were made in the stone circles by the energy which was sent from the sky and the direction given to the stone circles around the time Stone gods descended to the earth in an early time.
The first humanity was made in the small village named 'Hoshihara' in Ayabe-city in Kyoto, Japan where Hoshinomina (alter ego of Miss Taeko Shiraki) descended.
However the creature and humanity came to be made in the stone work like the stone stage(Ishibutai) because the energy of Stone gods got weaker later.

The megalith of the stone stage looks like a bagy, and there is the stone chambers under them.


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