Obelisk | The hole under the Great Sphinx 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

July 15, 2001

Obelisk | The hole under the Great Sphinx

The TV program of 'Discovery of the World's Mysteries' taught us Obelisk was derived from the name of skewer of skewers.
The channeling told me as follows.

"You must have understood by the comment told by TV."

I was told previously the passages of the pyramids were made by skewering the still soft pyramids with the thing like the rectangular pillar.
Though the passage leading to the the room of king was narrow, the passage leading to the space at the top seems to be narrower.

They say the passages of pyramids were made by piercing the pyramids with the wood which was made so that they would become like Obelisk.
The legend about the passages of the pyramids might consistent with the channeling information.
I felt the odor of garbage in an instant when I was sleeping.
The beings from the sky told me through the channeling as follows.

"The garbage will be decomposed more quicly when they are buried with the withered things, because the decomposing fungus is being sent by stars."

I was informed previously the passages of pyramids were made so that they would put the air.
I was also told the four space at the top were also made for putting the air.
I thought those space were made because air was necessary for decomposing the bodies of Stone gods(?).
The pyramids are the graves for children Stone gods and Stone gods turned into fertile sands when they decomposed.
I was told Pleiadenai dominated Stone gods about in the generation of grandsons of Stone gods and the situation became so.
(I think the bodies of Stone gods turned into the stones or sands according to the thought of the last moment of them.)

I was told again the same contents as Khufu was 'the man of mimicry'.
The last king of Stone gods claimed as Khufu (=クフ) which meant 'the being who came from the sky' (in Japanese)  .

(* As the first characters in the world were made in Japan, there are many characters which can be derived from Japanese.
Those characters made in Japan first were conveyed all over the world through the telepathy.)

This small human king (Khufu) claimed as Khufu because he imitated the name of the last Stone god.

There was a hole under the Great Sphinx.
It was made so that water would spring.

"It is better to drink 'the pee of the cat (=the Great Sphinx)."

They say priests were told as written above.
I was told the cats were sent to the earth by Pleiadenai.
It is said they made mummies of cats which they forced humanity worship as gods.
There are also figures which show crocodiles were worshiped as gods.
I think people were still dominated by the beings in the sky.


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