Let me start afresh in the new year 2001.  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

The contents of this page was written in 2001.

Feb 5, 2001

Let me start afresh in the new year 2001  

I'd like to let as many people as possible who visit the bulletin board see this information.
Therefore let me adopt the format such as diary.
This information has been informed by unnamed stars and subconsciousness(spiritual body) who have lived as humanity.
Why do they inform us?
They tell the earth won't achieve peace if we still have the thinking now.
I will let you know as a messenger of the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' , but I'd like to leave it to the judge of the readers of my site.
I have no intention to press those informations to people.
I have to emphasize that those informations are related to no religions and no organizations.
(For more information, please refer to

Feb. 3, 2001

The synposis which has been informed through the channeling until now.

【From stars】

Saturn=The atoms wanted to become unusual star.
Mercury which was the good planet of Saturn presented water to Saturn.
The rings of Saturn were made as it rotated vigorously.
The soil and water are good friends and it is shown on the earth(= bring plants up).

Mercury= Water was also presented by Mercury and Mercury was kind enough to put the film of H around the earth so that many objects which come flying from the universe would not hit the earth (stratosphere?).
The spiritual bodies of Mercury have the figure of the mermaid and half fish-type human.

Jupiter= It expresses law which expresses the beings from the stars should not enter into humanity on the earth.
However the Ruler's Stars commited its law.
Jupiter express the ovum and satellites of Jupiter express sperm.

The smashing into Jupiter by comets means the exchange of equal has begun.
(It expresses coexist and Star of David.)

giraffe= The body of giraffe expresses the earth, the head expresses the moon, and people can come and go between them some day.

elephant= The body of elephant expresses the earth, elephant's trunk expresses gravitation, ears express westerlies, tusks express oars(=the rotation of the earth)

hippopotamus= The mouth of the hippopotamus expresses the interior of the Earth.
The teeth of hippopotamus express bedrock.

whale=As dinosaurs did just fight, animals with the family love were made.

panda= As Stone gods who alighted in the hinderland of China found no food for humanity and humanity gave birth to no children, cute animal was sent there.

penguin=The eldest daughter, Iwanoea was told to stay in Sagittarius until the last moment, she got lonely and descended to New Zealand.
However she didn't make children because she saw the misery of Mu.
Stars sent penguins for the eldest daughter.

lion = It is the animal of Felidae (cat family) which was sent to the earth by Pleiadenai. (Lion Dance in Japan= The lion of Lion Dance in Japan bite the human head. It means humanity is dominated. )


1) The boneyards of dinosaurs were situated in the Mediterranean and Atlantic ocean where there were much lime made of bone.

Therefore Stone gods who descended there didn't have to make the bone for offspring.
Atlantis people were able to enjoy the life in paradise at first, but they ruined as the Ruler's Stars descended to dominate them later.
As Stone gods knew humanity would be dominated by the Ruler's Stars, they warned and expressed the future of humanity by making the shape of Italy.
Italy was made into the shape of the boot and there is the pebble (Sicily) in the destination of boot.

When Atlantis perished, the country of android(=Remunoia) moved to South Pole.
The child born between Atlantis man and humanity was Okuninushi(deity of magic and medicine later viewed as equivalent to Daikokuten and celebrated at Izumo Grand Shrine).
He and Himiko who joined Okuninushi on the way, proceeded to Japan which was made by Stone gods who had intended to protect Japan from the Ruler's Stars by surrounding Japan with the sea.
(The song of “tukinosabaku” sang the state of the journey of Okuninushi and Himiko.
The song was informed by telepathy from the star. )

The song of 'tukinosabaku'

Snip(Japanese history is written here.)

4)There are very small statues in Egypt and Mesopotamia.
Those small statues express how small humanity were compared with the huge giants who were the offspring of Stone gods.
Khufu was the first human king and the last king of the offspring of Stone gods was called Khufu(=クウ= the being from the sky).
The pyramids are the graves for the children of Stone gods and the bodies of Stone gods turned into the fertile soil.
The villages for workers were called 'the villages where humanity lived for decorating the pyramids and remaking the face of the Great Sphinx(cat) to human face'.
Those work was asked to do by the king of offspring of Stone gods who asked to do it to the first human king.

Snip(Japanese history is written here.)

6) There are many same patterns and practices among the things of long ago, because Stone gods taught them with telepathy and showed the vision to humanity.
Japan is called 'Hinomoto' and Hi means fire and it shows Japan is the island made by volcanos.
Japan was made covered with the sea so that it would not be dominated by the Ruler's Stars.



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