Stone god of Abu Simbel temple  | ISHI(KA) and OSHIRI(TO)  | Obeto and Pirate | earthquake clouds | Athena God  | A giant Stone human | The being of eyes  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Nov. 18, 2007

Stone god of Abu Simbel temple  | ISHI(KA) and OSHIRI(TO)  | Obeto and Pirate | earthquake clouds | Athena God  | A giant Stone human | The being of eyes

【Jan. 17, 2012】

"Athena God who was in Parthenon was the being who was dominated by the Ruler's Stars and real one is the Athena God in Italy.
Athena God was the queen of Atlantis.
Athena is HATENA and H is not pronounced in French style.
Athens (Old name is Athenai) was the name which should be given to Italy but the Ruler's Stars gave its name to Greece.

↓The statue which crumbled in the below image is Amantia, the queen of Atlantis =The real Athena God.

Nov. 16, 2007

The tears came out of the left eye of mine when I was writing the manuscript of booklets,《Stone humans and humanity》.
I asked the meaning of the tears.

"I'd like you to call me Isi(s)=ISHI(KA), Osiri(s)=OSHIRI(TO)

The statue with no face is myself( ISHI(KA)).

(He intends to tell he hates to be called with the sound 'Su', because if 'Su' is attached to his name, he might be thought by others he had cooperated with the vicious being with the sound of 'Su'.)

And he added as follows.

"I'd like you to put our photos."

ISHI(KA) hated that snakes had entered into the pot for the juice.
Therefore she crumbled as she made the atoms of her body release the hands.(Please see the stones in front).
She made her statue as the girl statue in other place(at the very center→the small statue in the center).
Tears came out from my right eye.
The two statues on the right side are the children of the left statue.
They are Stone humans who issued instructions to make Obelisk and pyramids.
I was told as they did the respectable work, she left them in the form of statues.

The name of them are "Obe, Oben, ---
(She can't decide the word quite well.)---
Obeto and Pirate."

I was told Pirate is related with "Pirate" who was related with Jesus.
He might be born again as Pirate(?).

(The stone statues in Abu Simbel small temple are the children of ISHI(KA) and OSHIRI(TO).
The rectangular boxes under the jaws are the things to which debris of the food was put after the taste was enjoyed.
It was like tubes when they were alive, but they became the complete stone, as snakes which solidified the statues were in the heads of the statues.
The energy source is the juice in the pot on the head and snakes which stayed in the pot issued a command to solidify and the cavity was eliminated, I was told.
There are vertical lines in the side of the feet which seem to show they sucked the water of the river for the juice.)

When I was writing, I felt scratchy signal in the right knee.

"The legs of Stone humans were hardened first.
Because the component of juice was collected at the bottom, when juice is put from the head."

Nov. 17, 2007

《vision No1》

"The radial clouds whose inside is undulate."

The meaning of the above vision is as follows.

"Stone gods informed the thought of regret produced by being fooled by snakes to the other side of the world.
(Is it the earthquake which occurred in Chile?)

The following is the image of the cloud which emerged before the earthquake in Chile.
The member of Nagoya city, Japan sent it to me.

Nov. 17, 20007

There is a statue of a woman whose height is 11 m in the Parthenon in Greece.
It is the statue of Athena God.
The TV program told it was wearing the goldern clothing.
I got the clear signal in the right ring finger of the foot when I finished watching TV program.

"Stone god with no roof (Parthenon) is descending.
I'm the giant named Athena God who was in the Parthenon.
I was fooled by 'the star of snakes'.
It told me I would not be solidified if I wear the decoration of snake.
Therefore I wore the decoration of a snake.

Stone humans protected me in the form of the pillars.
We didn't make the roof.
I (Athena God) am not the God of war.
Why did I have the figure of the fight?
Because juice clogged.
The exercise was needed to prevent juice from flowing poorly.
The atoms of the skin changed into the things like armor to prevent the skin from being broken when I took exercises.

(Only armors are left after Stone humans of contents decomposed are sometimes found .)

Both stone statues and bronze statues were the same when they were alive.
The atoms of Stone humans which wanted to be decomposed quickly after they died, turned into bronze statues."

In the morning on Nov. 18.
I got the signal in the midriff.

"Please write the following.
The huge giant was too big to hear the voice of everyone(Stone humans with the size of humanity?).
Therefore giants were found by the Ruler's Stars.
In addition as they didn't know their bodies got solidified, giants got solidified first.
As they were too big to hear the voice of everyone, Madakaru(huge=Stone humans) didn't know the death of Stone gods.
The giant of Madakaru made the small Stone humans play the exercise of battle play.
Why did they make small Stone humans take exercise?
It was because the component of juice precipitate if they didn't move their bodies.
That means atoms in the juice got solidified when mates of atoms gather together with themselves.
Therefore giants made small Stone humans take battle play in order to make the flow of juice better.
The reason why the giant of Madakaru got solidified first was that he was too big to take exercises.
Those who fought battles were all small Stone humans.

The humanity who were at that time, had only made the agriculture."

* )The huge giant=Madakaru= =The giant of 110 m in Rhodes Island?

I was informed previously the ship of the sun of Judea which went to Egypt was pulled by the giant who pulled it by holding the bow of the ship.
The legends in many places in the world tell there were unimaginable huge giants.
*)Madakaru=It means the satanic being(the being of Ma) overthrew the small Stone humans with his power from the high place.
*)The huge giant= They say Athena God who was in Parthenon was 11 m height,  and the giant of Great Helios was 110 m height?

#)(I was given the signal between the left middle finger and ring finger.)

(The Mar lock in Australia came to mind many times.)

"They are the rocks which expresses CO.
When the rock of C and O get along together, O increase and they turn into CO2.
You then know the earth got burned.
'The earth got burned' means Stone gods in the underground got angry and were burning.

(The coal in the underground of the town in US was reported by TV to be burning for years and I remember it.)

Therefore the environment of the earth got worse.(intense heat)
The climate returned to the normal one because the anger of the earth has  disappeared.

CO2 is alive, because Stone gods who stayed in the bosom of the earth got angry and were burning.
They got angry because humanity don't recognize the work of Stone gods.

#)(The eye told in "an eye for an eye" means if you find objects with eyes (like the stone pillars with eyes) you can understand those objects (Stone humans) can see.
When I thought the being with eyes show the amulets which are sold in Turkey and Greece , big sound (rapping sound?) was heard.)

The channeling started.

"The satanic being was coming.
They were afraid that the truth might be given away though they had forced humanity believe that humanity is dominated by the eye of pyramids.
The satanic being belonged to Rothschild.
I told that eye is important because humanity get aware of pyramids and stone columns have subconsciousness if eyes are put on them."

*)The eye of pyramid=The pattern on the 1 $ bill.


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