How is this information conveyed by the atoms from the sky and the universe?

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth ( by Sennari(Takashi)

April 28, 2001

How is this information conveyed by the atoms from the sky and universe?

I thought this information which has been conveyed to me since 1998 wouldn't be conveyed any more.
However it has kept being conveyed one after another.

My name is Ms Taeko Shiraki, a Japanese.
I have been kept being informed about what I don't know from the invisible atoms which claim to be the spiritual bodies of the stars through the channeling.
As I get the information through the channeling, I'm so-called a channeler.
However I'm not such a channeler as people usually call to mind when they hear the word, "channeler" because I don't hear the voice.
I have to understand by the faint movement of my mouth in order to know what is told through the channeling.
It started since I did the following experience.
My experience( hypnotherapy) The way to hypnotherapy

A part of my experience (Grand Shrine of Ise and the Imperial Household)

Please note that the atoms from the stars are the spiritual bodies and we can't see them.
They are not the beings who visit the earth by ufos.
My mouth begins to move faintly without permission and begins to talk words when those atoms from the stars want to convey some information to me.
Sometimes I am forced to wake up suddenly in the middle of the night and am told something or my mouth begins to move and tell something while I am watching TV.
The unexpected information which is told to me is about various events, the mysteries of the universe, ancient history, crop circles, and so on .
The atoms from the sky tell me the answers which have been the mystery to humans.
Those answers might overturn the common sense of the people if we understood them.
The books which were further supplemented to what had been informed since the autumn of '98 is the "collection of 3 messages from the stars".
Why do the atoms from the stars tell those information to me?
They tell me the earth won't become peace forever if we keep the way of today's thinking about religions or ethnics.
They want us to rethink the way of thinking so far by solving the mystery of the ancient ruins on the earth and want us to have the feeling that tries to get even a little more peace.
I write most of the text which have been transmitted by the atoms from the stars without modification.
However those information is usually given to me when I am woken up in the middle of the night.
Therefore I find it hard to discriminate the words which have been given to me as I have to know what is told by distinguishing the faint movement of my mouth.
Sometimes those words are given suddenly in the situation where I can't take notes.
In addition as stars don't know our information, especially place names and human names they can't help transmitting the information by taking advantage of my memory.
When stars are looking for the appropriate words in case they don't know the words, I have to try to fit various words which I think of.
When my words which I fit are right, they keep proceeding their talking, but when they are not correct, they say "No" once and for all and don't proceed their channelig any more.
The subconsciousness (spiritual body) who descends to me is sometimes replaced with other ones.
Therefore what was told previously sometimes is changed in some cases.
Though I make an effort to transmit the information which is given to me as exactly as possible, please remember what was explained above.
I regard myself as DJ of the radio who has 'the antenna of the universe'.
Therefore I'd like to leave what is told here to your judgement.
There are many information which I can't understand even myself.
It may be important to pay attention to those information which you can't understand but it will become the stress if you keep thinking only about unknown matter.
I make it a rule to accept those unknown information as a part of the big information.
Even though those information are given from the invisible spiritual body in the 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA', it may be easy to understand as they keep the form of stories.

This text sometimes deals with the problems of religions.
However please note as I have nothing to do with any religions or the organizations which are related to them.

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