【The images of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA】 | The stone chamber of Locmariaquer | The huge slate pencil of Locmariaquer | White horse of Celtic | dolmens(France) | Carnac stones, Alignements de Carnac (France) 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

May 1, 2005

The stone chamber of Locmariaquer

The pebbles seem that they might fall to around? or they might be livened up later.
The inside of the stone chamber is covered with huge stone slate and the triangular stone is supporting it.
The pebbles around the stone chamber express atoms,I was told those atoms gathered together and became various creatures.
The stone chamber is the school where atoms were taught what to become.
This stone chamber shows Stone gods taught to combine more firmly while atoms pass through the stone tunnel and sent them out.
Stone god told me this tunnel is the school gate and there are 16 groups of large and small pebbles which are separated from the school gate and they are lining up in a row.

Though I didn't know the meaning of it well, I was told even though the figures were made inside the stone chamber and went out of the school gate, they weren't separated from the stone chamber immediately and they turned around the stone chamber in order to fix the their shapes firmly for a while and went away.
The pattern whose shape was the deformation of whirlpool was drawn densely inside the room, but I was told it was asked to humanity to draw it because there was no fingerprints on the fingers of the giant.
The pebbles were not stacked but the alter ego of Stone god issued instructions so that the atoms of his body would become such a shape.
Therefore atoms became such a shape themselves, I was told.
Even though humanity might ask the atoms of it, humanity didn't have such a power, I was told, and it was possible only for Stone gods as material was made up with atoms of Stone gods.
It can not be imagined at all compared with human ability.

April 30, 2005

The huge slate pencil of Locmariaquer

It is the huge stone bar which was on the way to Carnac stones, Alignements de Carnac and it was at the side of stone chamber which was made of the combination of megalith.
It seems to have been cut into four stone bars.
The things which are lining up in a row in this side are the groups of large and small pebbles.
As the humanity doesn't tell about Stone gods, Stone god of the slate pencil protested by breaking it into four short stone bars.
If it were standing now, I was told it would be the highest Standing Stone in the world.

【Postscript on Jan. 13, 2012】

I was told the long and solid shape of French bread is showing the slate pencil of Locmariaquer.

(They say there is the tragedy of Locmariaquer in Unification Church.
The channeling told that Guru of Unification Church who was dominated by the Ruler's Stars made a completely different interpretation about this slate pencil and he caused the major incident.)

April 30, 2005

White horse of Celtic

I found White horse on the way to Stonehenge.
White horse expresses the king of Sagittarius issued instructions to make Carnac stones, Alignements de Carnac which express stars were arranged before the star war.
Since then he rode on this white horse and went to Australia to issue instructions for Stone gods in Australia to make Pinnacles (proliferation of stone) which show stars fell apart after the star war.
It is one of the ground pictures which were drawn by the thing like huge slate pencil of Locmariaquer.

April 30, 2005


This is the dolmen which is at the side of big arranged stones.
This is the megalith which informs it was the giant who told to make Carnac stones, Alignements de Carnac.
The arranged stones inform stars were arranged in an orderly manner at the beginning of the universe.
However wars occurred as the stars which hated to be arranged in an orderly manner caused wars and Milky Way was made.
The loosely aligned stars were expressed by Pinnacles in Australia.
(Stones are mushrooming in the desert whose circumference is bush.)

April 30, 2005

Carnac stones, Alignements de Carnac (France)

They say stones were lining up as long as three q.
Arranged stones are interupted in the middle, and it shows there were more than one giants who made arranged stones.
There is a big arranged stones in the second place(Alignements de Kermario).
There was a dolmen there.
I was told the dolmen there expresses it is the instructor giant who taught to make this arranged stones and it also expresses the school gate.
The arranged stones inform us stars were arranged in an orderly manner at the beginning of the universe.


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