The reason why synchronicity takes place |@coexist @

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 11, 2001

The reason why synchronicity takes place |@coexist

I woke up as I felt the gripping pain in the joint of the leg.
The channeling started.

"I want you to write.
It is a funny story.
Do you want to hear?"

I said, "Yes." but I didn't write because I was sleepy.
However the pain in the joint didn't disappear.
The pain disappeared when I started to write.

"It is the story about golden wings.
Golden wings were attached on the backs of the subconsciousness of the mates now.
Therefore they can meet in another dimension.
That is why people far away see the same patterns (coexist) and dreams(the dream of entertainment the other day).
It was made clear by the incident in which people in Poland caught a fish.
They say the fish had the pattern of Crop Circle.

iThe above incident was reported by TV program titled 'Is this true?'.)

Many people heard the same message which said, "The extraterrestrials will descend in July of next year."
We found we can transmit the same information to many people according to the experiment of the stars.
The situation has become coexist (The two triangles coalesce up and down).
That means the subconsciousness of the stars in the 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' (spiritual body) and subconsciousness of the people on the earth (spiritual body) came to be able to be connected with each other.
That is why people were able to be connected with HP which reported the incident in Poland .
It is the announcement from the stars."

The following is the synchronicity which proves(?) the above contents.
It is a part of the incidents which have been reported by mails until now.

01/12/11 Tue 13:46:04

yKyusyu, Japanz

"I saw a vision which showed the surroundings of the round celestial body shine all at once.
Or a vision which showed water waves(?) come surging was seen.
It looked as if it exhaustively covered the celestial body but it kept a certain distance---coexist which looked like a clear figure was seen.

01/12/10 Mon 19:46:07

yItaly z

"I saw a coexist when I closed my eyes in order to sleep.
The teacher of the kindergarten for my son asked me to teach origami (the art of folding paper into various figures)@and the figure of origami which I taught was the figure of a star, coexist."

01/12/10 Mon 17:22:46


"Miss alway draw the figure of coexist.
The International School to which children go has twelve sections of countries including Japanese section.
Next year 13th country's new section will be made.
The new section is the one of Poland ."


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