The meaning of catacombe @

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Oct 5, 2007

The meaning of catacombe

"The atoms which have the memory of Stone humans are the ones which had once composed the bodies of Stone gods.
They can choose one of two courses.
One is to be born again as Stone human.
The other is to be born as the body of human.
If they choose the course to be born as humans, they have to experience much the painful one but they can enjoy five senses which can't be enjoyed if they choose the course of Stone human."

The piled stone wall of catacombe prove Stone humans(?). Round stones were made as Stone gods told the atoms of Stone gods to turn into skulls.

iRapping sounds were heard.j

Those stones inform that the earth was solidified by the bodies of Stone gods and humanity live on it.
The skulls are made of the atoms which turned into them as they were told by Stone gods.
The reason why there are stones which didn't become skulls but turned into round ones,was atoms couldn't stop turning into them.
If they intended to become skulls, the place of eyes and mouth had to be recessed.
However they turned into the stones without becoming skulls as they failed to have the holes for eyes and mouth as those points kept increasing as before.
However, such is no more and no less.
The skulls are not the ones who lived as humanity.
Stone humans didn't hate to die becaue they knew they would be able to enjoy the next new lives after reincarnation.

iPeople are afraid of the skulls as they think they are the real human skulls.
The Ruler's Stars try to give terror to humanity by stirring up the feeling of terror.
However catacombe seems to inform it has a deeper meaning to it.
In addition, catacombe in France is situated in the underground of Paris and there are as many skulls as eight millions.

Even though there are real skulls among them, most of them are not the ones of humanity.
They say there are countless underpasses as long as 340km in the underground of France.
TV tells the buildings on the ground were made by digging out the lime of underground.
Some of the lime might have been digged out for repair work and extension of the building.
However it is hard to explain with the theories which claim lime was digged out from the 20m deep underground and the town of Paris was made.
I was told the town of Paris was made by Stone humans who turned into the buildings.
Only small amount of lime was used for repair work and renovation, I was told.
The buildings in Paris are stone-made ones with five or six floor.
However people discarded pee from the windows as there were no lavatories, they say.
There were streets which had the grooves for making the pee flow.
Though I didn't notice at all when I saw Paris at the time when I didn't know about Stone humans, I found again there are lots of stone statues there.

Oct. 3, 2007

sImage or dreamt

"As the blue frog which I was asked to take charge are jumping up and down here and there and it was impossible for me to catch them, I thought I should buy the insect net.

Since then black-and-white various shaped bays turns up and the pattern of small faces and the one which are like the ellipse lined two disappear.
The turning up of those patterns are repeated several times."

The meaning of above image or dream is as follows.

"The blue frog expresses the atoms of Stone gods which turned into various creatures.
However some of which do evil deeds and don't comply with the direction of 'The Ohmoto (the central)' or Hoshinomina (alter ego of Miss Taeko Shiraki).
Next it was informed that any bay and coastline was made by the Stone gods who stayed there and they sank on their own initiative.
The earthquakes which occurs offshore inform Stone gods want humanity to know about it.

iI was given the signal in the thumb.j

In addition it shows there were Stone gods who descended to the earth later age, and they ran away to the sea because they hated to become the rock by getting solidified.

iAre those rocks which present a dot on the tip of capes like Cape of Erimo in Hokkaido,Japan?)

However creatures generated as Stone god of Tokachi]oki (in Hokkaido, Japan) wanted to be the being which can move somehow.
The shape of ellipse lined two show cell division was started."

I was also told previously the creatures generated from Stone gods in Tokachi]oki (in Hokkaido, Japan) .
–Generation of moses

The announcement of the solar system@ |@The generation of creatures

The earthquake clouds b The creatures were born from Stone gods in Tokachi]oki (in Hokkaido, Japan)

–The earthquake of Tokachi]oki (in Hokkaido, Japan)


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