In the body of Stone gods bEnergy bodyb Earthquake

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In the body of Stone gods bEnergy bodyb Earthquake @

By Takashi(Sennari)

This info is from@ Let's solve the enigma of the earth

January 19, 2005

In the body of Stone gods   energy body   earthquake of

When I was reading the upper site, tears came out tattered, though I was not sad.@
"What do you want to tell ?", I asked.
After a while the channeling was started.
However only tears came out without getting the answer through the channeling.

"I recalled the giant that had been moving came to stop moving.
The rock turned sideways in the body of Stone gods so that humans could clearly recognize."

iI felt the sign in the right leg as if it felt the heartbeat.@ j


The round rock which you see on the left is the place where I was sitting.

I made the corner of it neatly so that humans don't think it was made naturally after I came out.
The small rock inside is the giant who is waiting for the turn and the big one is alter ego of Stone god.
The three rocks? which look like the tubes represent the stretched hands, coalesced and made the alter ego.
The right semicircle rock mountain is the child Stone god.
He descended to the earth by being connected with adult Stone god.
The big hole was made in order to put the food like rice cakes which were made of the soup of Stone gods.

I made a giant child and made shoe and toes of Delicate Arch .
The rocks which are standing side by side are the alter ego and the giant.
They died after they made them to show they made themselves.
The rocks which stand side by side to the side of the leg are the alter ego and the giant.
They died standing in the shape to show those rocks were made by them."

i I was wondering why I saw the border between the floor and the wall in the vision. j

January17, 2005

One of the readers of my site informed me he has had the following vision.

gThe thing like the black trains are rising to the sky.
It came toward me wriggling its shape.
It is made of many brown elliptic things like peanuts.

It decomposed in front of me and each of the parts began to move and flowed into the unknown thing swirling.
The peanuts which came out of the bottom of the whirlpool turned into the shape like the dragon made of only white bones and it attacked me with its mouth open."

iAccording to the person who saw this vision had a lot of books about every kind of religions and inner world at home.j
When he told it on the phone, I had the following intuition.

"The thing like the black train was sent by the king of outer galaxy.
The vicious king of outer galaxy are dominating thousands of people on the earth.
The brown ellipses show the darkness in the religions and inner world which came out of the books.
The darkness which came from them lurk in the human body.
Those ellipses came out of the bottom of the whirlpool means the dark thoughts which are represented by the peanuts-like ellipses came out of the body.
The brown ellipses are the same as the ugly photosiomittedj
eThe darkness in the lightfmeans that the words in the religions and inner world represents their thoughts by the pretty words but the ugly things are hidden in them."

iThe religions and inner world tell their thoughts in the pretty words but they hide the darkness in the light have been told by the channeling from the beginning.)

The comet on which the vicious subconscious mind of the king of outer galaxy came toward the earth, by which those who are dominated by it seems to have the vicious power.
Japanese archipelago is made like the shape of a giant.
Kushiro in Hokkaido corresponds to the mouth of the giant.@
Kushiro seems to have issued a command to the Stone gods in the world to cause earthquakes in order to protest the comet's coming.
@Seven red circle show the place of earthquakes.

The channeling tends to say harsh expressions.@

Thank you for your mail.

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