The impressions after viewing the TV of the Crop Circle @Postscript in April 2005 @

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 9, 2001

The impressions after viewing the TV of the Crop Circle   Postscript in April 2005

I asked the the atoms from the sky and the universe about the TV program "Is this true?".
The program told the fish on which there is the pattern of Crop Circle was caught according to the information gained by channeling.

"Some of the robots (subordinates of stars)did mischief and the same pattern as Crop Circle was put on the fish by them.
They tried if humanity would carry out as the robot told.

iThe fish which had the pattern on it was told to eat after catching it.
Therefore they say it was eaten after taking pictures of it and it has not been left any more.)

The robot was observing the humans making noise with joy and fun.
The pattern of that Crop Circle was expressed little by little.
It has a very important meaning.
The pattern of that Crop Circle was shown little by little has a very important meaning.
iThe pattern was drawn every year little by little and all the pattern will be completed if the remained pattern is drawn next year.)

of the pattern shows planets which are always watching the earth and the lines express the connection of consciousness.
The reason why the pattern was drawn little by little means humanity can't understand the whole and can't understand except for only a little at a time.
And it shows the humanity on the ground will know the message from stars next July.
It does not mean extraterrestrials will descend."

iMany people in the place where Crop Circle turned up heard that extraterrestrials will come down next July.)

I told I think it is quite impossible.

"I want people do it.

(It is the meaning that they want people to believe the information from the stars.)

This program had projected the moment when Crop Circle had emerged.
It projected the scene which showed two white lights turned up in the space and circles were drawn by making the grain fall down.
I was told white balls of light are the robots =The spiritual body in the universe.
I asked why they make Crop Circles only when there are no people.
I@was told as follows.

"As robots have consciousness, energy is taken by the humanity and their energy get weak when they are seen by humanity and it gets impossible to make Crop Circle."

The spiritual bodies in the universe are really the same as humanity and they seem to have various consciousness.
I was told how to make Crop Circle previously and it was still the same when I heard it again in order to confirm.
yThe pattern is drawn on the invisible thing like slide glass first.
The energy is sent to it from above in order to hold down the air.
Therefore the wheat in the part on which the picture is not drawn don't fall down and the part where the picture is drawn fall down. z

As Oxygen and Nitrogen in the air are held down to the soil strongly, they say the crop there grow well.
In addition, the stems don't break and leave to bend as it is as the picture is pressed only by the air.

Postscript on April 2005
j yAs energy body has come to imitate the robot of the atoms from the sky and the universe, I make it a rule to call all the light balls as "energy body".z


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