About the announcement from stars  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

I was told stars try to inform to the humanity as hard as possible.

Nov. 14, 2001

About the announcement from stars

I was not able to sleep well as the right foot cooled.
(The right foot=Right side of the body expresses the announcement of the subconsciousness.
The right foot shows the way to proceed. )

I thought there might be something wrong in what I thought.
I found the wrong point in it.

I have been told through mails that announcements from the stars are apt to deal with only sad things and the readers of my site told they would like to read happier announcements.
I consented to what had been told to me.

The stars have notified many matters such as the following.
The flowers, fish, pure white animals (dolphin, frog, newt, tadpole, whale , and so on of new species)
Flowers blooming all at once in the desert .
The aurora which turned up in the place where it was impossible to see.
Abnormality of typhoon and climate.
The big earthquake in Turkey, Greece, Central America, Western India.
The accident of nuclear submarine.
The remarkable size of Crop Circle and the change of contents of them.

I can understand stars have informed as hard as they could.
They kept conveying the information from stars for three years and many people got those information.
However many of them ignored it if they don't love the content.
The atoms from the sky and the universes seem to understand the human thought well,
I can feel well they know us well because the synchronicity phenomena among those who believe this information has come to increase a lot.
Some of those who believe this information have common dreams by which I can understand the robots (the subordinates of stars) are watching us beside us and inform by showing the common dreams.
Robots can know the human thoughs and they report what they come to find to the stars.
Therefore they notify by some means like common dreams.
The atoms from the sky and the universe seem to want us to know that we are informed something by the occurrence of the simultaneous accidents in NY and Kamiokande.
They never think humanity of today can regard stars are informing something even though they might do pleasant and beautiful miracles on the earth.

There are lots of people who are in the miserable situation where they have no food in the cold.
I hope people get aware of the information from stars and the earth become peaceful as soon as possible.


Thank you for your mail.

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