The announcement of the solar system  | The generation of creatures 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Aug. 27, 2003

The announcement of the solar system  | The generation of creatures

I was give three signals in the midriff when I was watching the TV program of the migration plan to Mars by the TV in the ferry.

"Mars is speaking.
Please watch carefully.
The reason why Mars approaches the earth is that Mars is ki, ki, ki, (the words don't come out immediately) kind.
The humanity don't think stars far away are related to themselves.
Therefore Mars wants to let humanity know Mars can approach the earh by his own will.
Mars migration plan is being made but Mars is not the place where humanity can live easily.
The white spot which is called South Pole is not the ice.
The ice won't be made long on Mars.
Please remember white spot is dangerous.
Though the humanity think the water on the earth was made naturally, it is not true.
The reason of the red color of Mars was not made by iron oxide.
The iron oxide is not made on Mars because there is oxygen only on the earth.
The red gas is covering Mars.
The red color of the stone is preparing to go to the earth(?)
Mars wants to send the red stone to the earth.
(Those stones become the comets(?), and they descend to the earth a lot in the form of comets(?) , get burned in stratosphere and become various atoms.(?))
Planets in the solar system notify many things, but humanity don't notice them.
For example the sun informs by bringing about the hot summer in Europe, Mercury informs by bringing about much rain in Japan, Jupiter informs by bringing about forest fire in Siberia, Saturn does by bringing about large desertification, Mars does by bringing about the failure of nuclear power generation and the massive power failure in North America.
Therefore I (Mars) made it a rule to approach since there is no way."

Aug. 27, 2003

"The thought of Stone gods who sank into the sea and turned into the algae waste wanted to remain on the earth longer.
Those thoughts turned into the cells.
The atoms which turned into algae waste became the cells with the help of the sea water by riding the sea cradle.
Various creatures were born as the mates with the same purpose gathered together and the food chain started.
The atoms of Stone gods and the atoms from the sky and the universe had a consultation and creatures generated.

I am going to sleep from now.

"Please hear what I say, too.
I told the earth was made as the broken stuff in the universe(=iron) gathered together.
What I told is true.
Stars got reluctant from being aligned and broken stuff (=discontent) filled all over the universe.
Therefore I became the magnet and attracted the atoms of discontent (=iron).
Let me explain the reason why the thoughts of discontent means the iron.
The thoughts of discontent became the solid iron.
The solid iron can crack even the rock."


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