Rokando Limestone Cave, Sumita-cho in Iwate Prefecture, Japan NO1, NO2, NO3 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

July 18, 2006

Rokando Limestone Cave, Sumita-cho in Iwate Prefecture, Japan No1

I got good results in this survey trip.
Roukando is one of the good results.
It is the cave of 800m long.
There is alomst no stalagmites inside the cave.
The drops of water made these spots in several places and they prove stalactite caves were not made by the dissolution of lime.
Though holes were made by drops of water when Stone gods were soft, the momentum of water droplets were spread and holes seem not to get bigger after Stone gods turned into the marble.

July 18, 2006

Rokando Limestone Cave, Sumita-cho in Iwate Prefecture, Japan NO2
I was told this underground cavities are the traces from which Stone humans generated in the underground in Japan.
They look like Cappadocia.

The believers of Dragons seem not to have entered here, as it is necessary for people to walk in a semi-crouching position for more than as long as 800m.
Therefore orbs were not captured by digital camera.
However there is the statue of Goddess of Mercy in the stalactite cave of next one.
Therefore the outside of the mound is purple and it was contaminated by Dragon.

July 18, 2006

Rokando Limestone Cave, Sumita-cho in Iwate Prefecture, Japan NO3 Roukando No3

There is a water-rich waterfall which is in the 800m inner room of the cave and it falls from the high place.
The river where the water runs seems to have been made by the giant.
(The groove which turned into the river seems to have been made by hand's digging down.
The atoms of the part of the river seem to have released the hands and made the river, though atoms were once holding hands.
Therefore it looks as if a giant had made the river with the fingers.)
Though the river goes in the back, it turns into the natural one, and it is too deep for the bottom of the river to be captured by camera (right photo).
I was able to take pictures of the bottom because the left photo shows the deep inside and somewhat shallow and wide.
The side of the river is very smooth and it seems to be impossible to insist it is made naturally as it is the very narrow waterway.
I was told the water which flows from the waterfall of inner part runs in this river and it expresses spinal cord.
The reason why the river is tortuous in U-shaped is that it prevents from villain's entering into it. 
It has the same purpose of the twist and turns of Ishikari River.

July 18, 2006

Rokando Limestone Cave, Sumita-cho in Iwate Prefecture, Japan NO4 Roukando No4

(Postscript on June 23, 2012) There are lots of underground excavations inside the earth and there is the rivers filled with clean water which is filtered.
Those water become the source of water for springs, qanats and springs in the Roman era.

There is the two‐stage waterfall at the innermost place of 800 m cave, where surprisingly large amount of water falls from the very high place(29 m high).
(They say it is the highest waterfall in the Japanese caves.)
I was told through the channeling that this is the place which shows spinal fluid is produced inside the skull and it falls from the neck in order to pass through the spinal column.


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