Terrorism | Crop Circle 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

July 20, 2005

Terrorism | Crop Circle

I can't tell whether the following is true or not as it was told through the channeling.
However the question so far has been charged with further credibility.

The channeling started suddenly in the morning on July 20, 2005.

"Now I must tell as I made the Crop Circle which told the atoms in the sky and universe were watching. 
Those who planned the terrorism of 9-11 would think they were seen.
They are the persons who are in the highest position(?)
They are the men of reptiles who have the shape of humanity.
That project was made by Bush family and the people around him.
Why do they name 'Bush'?
Because reptiles are hiding in the bush.
If Twin Buildings were broken at a time, they thought they could attack Iraq.
It was their purpose to attack Iraq.
The terrorism in London was the sacrifice.
People can't do bad things.
Don't you know?

(I don't know the meaning of the above told through channeling.)

It is made well, naturally ---.
It must be accomplished to live in the house ----.
Money can be handed out to everyone.
The work which was told to do is somo, somo---."

I am going to sleep from now.

"Feelings of everyone was exploded.
As many people are caught by religions firmly, it exploded naturally(?)
It is important to make the air hole in thinking.
We informed it by Crop Circle.

(The Crop Circle which is round and there is a road in the center was found.)

(I felt such the feeling as back teeth were clenched.)

The subconsciousnesses detonated the thought of regret as humanity are caught by the old teaching(=religion) and have a stubborn thought."

(The itch on the left wrist was lost for a while after Arafat had died.
However I sometimes felt the itch since then and small warts appeared on it.
It shows the chaotic situation in Islamic society.)

*)Left wrist=It shows Islamic society.

July 3.
The pattern across the road.
(I got the signal in the left nose.)

"We drew the Crop Circle as we had found the semicircle made by the rut of tractor.
Because the semicircle shows Stone god.


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