Why did Stone gods get solidified?  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Nov. 13, 2007

Why did Stone gods get solidified?

I was told it happened because other stars in the universe felt a sense of crisis as Stone gods of Sagittarius grew more and more on the earth.
Therefore it was decided that supernatural power of Stone gods should be lost.
In addition the power of stars were decided to be reduced.
It was also decided that many other unnamed stars in the universe watch the earth by having consultations with one another.
However the tragedy of today's human beings are brought about as supernatural power of Stone gods were lost in the long run and human beings find it hard to live.
It was aliens Lada (Ladder star)who put the snakes in the pots of juice for Stone gods.
It is Ms Seiko Amano who teaches the meditation by being connected with the Ladder star.

(About Ms Seiko Amano of channeler)

She is my previous acquaintance.
She told me she was surrounded by the standing snakes with faces and she was crying standing on the table in her dream of childfood .
Moreover she told she would have to return to 'the star of snakes' when she dies.
As she hated it, she told me she was working hard for the peace of the earth.
However to tell the truth she taught meditation and she let the bad energy body enter bodies of people to dominate them.
She made a sublime experience since she was dominated by 'the star of snakes'.
For example she suffered DV(domestic violence)and stroke, and so on.
I thought she was just like Irene of Findhorn.
The man who was taught meditation by her killed himself with his mother in extensive forest of Mount Fuji after he was separated from Ms Seiko Amano.
She taught meditation and she joined in the group of Mr. Yukio Funai.

She got even the shady PhD.
I knew those things through internet.
I understood it was not good to teach meditation as she had come from 'the star of snakes'.
However I thought that there would be no major impact to people.
But I found it was a great evil and it was too bad.
I have undertood its identify clearly this time.
It is her fault that all the earth was ruled by snakes.
I realized 'the star of snakes' put snakes in the juice of Stone gods and solidified the bodies of Stone gods.
Therefore I had a note in a hurry to write down what I remembered.
Though I am unwilling to say bad things about the person with whom I was acquainted, I was given the intense signal at the back of the ear(= It expresses the Ohmoto(the central consciousness of the universe)).
Therefore I decided to open it to public.

Nov. 13, 2007

"Sirius is speaking.
It was aliens Lada that put snakes in the pot of juice for Stone gods for harassment.
Aliens Lada was the mates of the being with the sound of 'Su'.
Therefore Stone gods were made into the stone.

(The signal in the teeth got lost. )

Mr.Mokichi Okada was the king of aliens Lada.
The commander of aliens Lada is the teacher of Tsukuba, in Ibaraki Prefecture of Japan.
Mr.Makoto Shichida is the elder of aliens Lada who tried to be connected with Big Dipper."

(I felt the intense signal at the back of the right ear in an instant when I was writing and I was urged to write more about it.)

The channeling started just after I got up in the morning.

"It was the too bad bygone days.

(Though I once warned Ms Seiko Amano, I introduced Mr. Yukio Funai out of necessity owing to the sense of responsibility as I had recommended to write a book about her memoir.
I left her as I had thought she was not the villain of big game.)

As she was left as she was, the evil has spread all over the world.
The subconscious mind of her was hiding under the Step Pyramid.
(The channeling told me the city is buried under Step Pyramid. )

Aliens Lada entered under Step Pyramid and they preached by saying they were great because Step Pyramid were the older pyramid than the pyramid of Giza.
The snake of aliens Lada ascended under the staircase of Step Pyramid.
Therefore *Stone gods who descended later were fooled and they turned into the buildings which belonged to snakes.)

*Stone gods who descended later=They are Stone gods who turned into the creepy ruins which exist all over the world.

"The earth was the world which was really peaceful place of Stone humans until it was dominated by snakes.
However it became vicious as atoms of snakes entered into the juice for Stone gods.
Therefore many ruins came to be told as they are the vicious ruins.
The reason why Stone gods solidified at a time was that the atoms of 'the star of snakes' which entered into the juice issued an order for the Stone gods to get solidified."

(The course so far)
It was at the training session of hypnotherapy when I first met her.
Then I was invited to eat together when she started to tell me her experience, as she had been told through the channeling that she should get to know me.
(Mr. Takashi Yoshida, of channeler who contacted with the queen of Pleiadenai   also came in contact with me by nominating by name among the twenty members in Holistic Medical Association.)

Ms Seiko Amano experienced she was able to see the being who claimed to be God.
According to her dream the being was bigger than the mountain, grew beards and wore a white coat.
It was aliens Lada who claimed to be the true God.
Ms Seiko Amano told me she believed to be the only child of God and did channeling.
She was rich as she was related to snakes.
She sometimes saw dreams in which many snakes stood on their tails and they were laughing.
In the dream she was standing on a little higher table and was always crying.
She told me if she died, she had to return to 'the star of snakes'.
She also told me 'the star of snakes' is aliens Lada.
Once my mouth moved and told me Ms Seiko Amano was the queen of Serpens (constellation).
I now understand clearly that she got the energy from the energy body of snakes, though she visited around the world for the peace of the earth with heart and soul.
She also visited Egypt by being ordered to visit through the channeling.
She believed she was the only child of God and didn't hear the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' even though I told it to her.
Therefore in 1998, both of us made it a rule to go our own way and stopped contacting with each other.


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