The relation between the surfactant and the mad cow disease?  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

June 2, 2001

The relation between the surfactant and the mad cow disease?

I woke up suddenly at 2:00 on June 2, 2001

"The surfactant made atoms of oil which hate to work to do the forbidden work.
Because atoms of oil want to get along with each other but surfactant made atoms do only the work to be separated from each other.
Therefore atoms have to mean to each other.
The cells of the body hate it.
Atoms of the body hate as people get the surfactant with the mouths.
The mad cow disease is generated as cows are forced to drink the water with surfactant.
To put detergent into the body???

(It is hard to distinguish the characters as they have been doubled. )

They don't rinse the detergent in the United Kingdom???
Are cows forced to drink the water with detergent?
Therefore atoms of water were going to be decomposed reluctantly.
The virus of mad cow disease is kind.
Because they don't predispose human beings to the disease but predispose them only to hand-foot-and-mouth disease.
Why do the virus make the brain of cows sponge-like?
Because atoms of water with surfactant ask the cells of the brain of cows to be farewell to water.
As the virus ask the cells of the brain, virus think they have to do the work and the disease get contagious one after another.
Please ask the virus of mad cow disease that they don't have to do the work from now on and tell that human beings give thanks to you, virus, because you haven't entered the brain of human beings.
Please tell the virus that we, humanity won't be nasty from now on.
You should say goodbye to virus and ask them to take a rest comfortably after they come back to their mother in the universe.
Please convey them that let me tell because the signal (the gold coin of stars) has reached me.
If we do the above behavior, the virus will say farewell without giving humanity sacrifices.
But I can't say it to those who eat meat too much."


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