AIDS virus was transmitted from the AIDS virus in cats?  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

June 6, 2001

AIDS virus was transmitted from the AIDS virus in cats?

June 5, 2001

I woke up at 4:00 suddenly.

"We are in the cat.
The reason why AIDS virus has increased on the earth is that we asked the virus inform.
Therefore we started to ask the virus in the cats which were made by Pleiadenai(=Pleiades).
Though people say the virus in the cats aren't transmitted to humanity, it is wrong.
The virus usually don't enter the energetic cats.
However AIDS virus are born naturally in the cats which began to weaken.
Why do people come to die?"

(I can't distinguish the characters which I wrote down after I was told through the channeling at night, as the characters are distorted. )

The channeling seems to have told me that virus was transmitted from cats to monkeys and from monkeys to humanity.
As Pleiadenai is dominating the earth, weak stars tried to inform about Pleiadenai at any cost.
Therefore I was told they asked the virus to inform about Pleiadenai.
However I was too sleepy when I was woken up by channeling, and I don't remember well what was told through the channeling.)

Please say to AIDS virus as follows.
"I heard the story about you, AIDS virus and it was told by Stone god.
You don't have to do the work to convey(=infection)from now on.
Stone gods issued instructions to virus as Stone god hated to be dominated by Pleiadenai.
The virus will disappear if you have the feeling of Stone gods.
Though Stone gods absolutely hated to be dominated by Pleiadenai, they found there are some people who make money by means of AIDS.
Therefore Stone gods decided to convey about AIDS."

(Did Stone god told me above the problem of AIDS as TV program reported the other day that poor people can't get the medicine for AIDS because it is expensive?)


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