The terror of channeling No2  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

The contents of this page is the same with the The terror of channeling , but the way of translation is a little different.

Those who do the channeling with the spiritual body of Venus seem to be the people in the group which want to target the ascension.
It is the serious problem for the public as it is hard to judge those people who send Ascension information.
We must not do meditation absolutely, as we are apt to be dominated by the energy body while doing meditation.
(By Takashi)

Dec. 24, 2001

The terror of channeling

Dec. 23, 2001

I woke up suddenly at 2:00.

"The message from stars are the ways which lead to all the ways.
The being which claim Venus are confusing people."

(I had a phone call last night from the person who followed the information got through the channeling of his mate.
As he found his mate was able to hear the voice of the channeling, he went away from the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'.
He followed the channeling information got from the channeling voice of his mate,went various places and acted many things as if the voice had been from the god.
Then three people who followed those channeling information became mentally abnormal.
Therefore he told me on the phone he was separated from his mates.
According to his phone call, he had a dream which claimed to call me(Miss Taeko Shiraki).
The being which made those people mentally abnormal seems to be the spiritual body which claims to be Venus.
I heard of the people besides him who believed the words got through the channeling and became mentally abnormal.
I was told by the atoms from the sky and the universe that the subconscious mind(spirit)of those people who follow the voices got through the channeling hate to take contact with energy body and notify it.
The common points of those people who follow the channeling information regard those information come from the spiritual body which is from the higher dimension than the atoms from the sky and the universe.
They are apt to think those information is full of the feeling of love and those information is in the higher level than the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'.
Those people usually go away from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'.
I think the energy body which affects the human feelings strongly has the strong power and if humanity are pulled to the opposite direction by energy body, they are apt to be dominated easily.
In that case, I think people easily become mentally anxious.
By contrast, the unnamed stars, the atoms from the sky and the universe have weak power and they hardly dominate the feeling of humanity.
However I understand well that Stone gods (=spiritual body of Sagittarius)have been ignored until now and they try to inform as hard as they can.
They descended to the earth and they made the earth the planet of water.
Even though they are the origin of all the creatures, today's humanity don't notice it and and worship the other beings like snakes and Dragons which have dominated the earth.
Though the humanity is made up of the atoms of Stone gods, they ignore Stone gods.
Therefore the warning announcement about it have been given to humanity by earthquakes and typhoons.
As Venus is very close to the earth, it is able to exert a large force to the earth.
It tried to dominate the humanity by its big power.
(I declareed that the spiritual body of Venus has been erased.)

Stone gods found bad guys.
Venus gave the powerful force and showed the supernatural power to many people.
It was the Ruler's Stars that started domination.
Venus sticked the invisible arrow to the body of the other party and tried to remove the power of other party .
Therefore it becomes impossible for even both humanity and big animals to keep standing.
Anything is not allowed to beat the other party by the invisible arrow and dominate him or her.
If people understand its meaning, they will feel something in exercising such power.
The being which was in Kurama, in Kyoto had a very strong power.
As the person who appeared on TV made many people believe it is the power of universe.
However it is the power of Venus.
I wanted to inform it."

(I got the mail which told that the person who was related to Kurama, heard the voice which told "crafty" when he saw this HP.
The atoms from the sky and the universe told me it was the voice of the being of Venus.
I was told when he asked to the voice, "Are you the spirit of Hoshinomina (alter ego of Miss Taeko Shiraki)?", the voice stopped telling.)
Those who have the sense of insecurity by hearing the voice of channeling and those who are dominated should deny strongly and try not to be dominated by insisting he or she is connected with Hoshinomina (alter ego of Miss Taeko Shiraki).
As the humanity is stronger than spiritual bodies and never lose to them, please have confidence.


Thank you for your mail.

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