It was Pleiadenai that made the feeling of pain | Pumpkin

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

June 22, 2001

It was Pleiadenai that made the feeling of pain | Pumpkin

I felt such the acute pain as if I had touched the electrical suddenly in my leg on June 20, 2001.

It was just like the intense signal.
I asked why the feeling of pain was given to humanity, as pain is the most painful for humanity.
The atoms from the sky and the universe answered as follows.

"It was Pleiadenai that claimed to make the feeling of pain in human bodies.

(As the word Pleiades was made to imply the death, this information uses the word Pleiadenai instead of Pleiades.)

Pleiadenai claimed it is the best to inform by the pain when humanity would come to ignore what was told by stars.
Pleiadenai insisted it is necessary to give the feeling of pain to humanity by any means.
And it was the most effetive.
The energy body (robot) imitated how to give pains to your leg as the robot knew the pain is effective for humanity.
The stars in the universe understood the most unpleasant thing for humanity is the feeling of the pain and the sense of insecurity.
The nerve of pain can be seen clearly when it is seen from the sky.
The nerves exist in the brain and they spread in all directions.
The pain is produced when the nerve is stimulated.
It is the energy body which is asked by the spirit of the person that is stimulating it.
The reason why subconsciousness gives such pain is that feeling pain serves for the growth of the spirit.
Because there is the criteria when spirit was made.
It was Pleiadenai that made the criteria.
Stars think how to get rid of the program of pain but it takes time to fulfill it.
They think actually.
Stars think humanity might come to fear nothing when humanity feel no pain and indulge in killing each other.
Some stars say it is the problem.
Stars found humanity can become cruel very easily.
They are the incidents which are turning up now.
Stars found there are many persons for being cruel easily, when stars found the persons who play the role of bad guys.."

June 22, 2001

I saw a ydreamz when I was napping at daytime.

sBig pumpkins turned up rapidly in the field which is in front of me.t

The meaning of the above dream is as follows.

"Kind Stone gods taught that the painful thing for humanity is the pain."

(I was told I had the pain in order to experience it.)

As stars came to know it, they had a consultation with each other to remove the pain by any means.
The good news is how to remove the pain has been fulfilled now.
You had a dream of pumpkin so that you can know the outcome.
Tsukuyomi got kind enough to stop raining as he was glad to hear the announcement.
Legs are glad, too."

I was informed as was told above.
The pain in my hind leg really disappeared after I slept.
(I was told it can't be removed at a time. )

I had a very hard time by wondering when the sharp pain as if I had touched electricity would go away.
Though the pain lasted only three days, I felt completely discouraged.
When I found the pain has gone, I was very glad and I wanted to rub the leg all day long.
By contrast today's newspaper reported that a boy has suffered the acute pain for about 20 years since he was seven years old.
I earnestly wanted the pain of innocent boy to be removed as soon as possible.
Some people must be standing the pain even now.
I wish from the bottom of my heart those pain will be erased as soon as possible.


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