By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Oct. 6, 2001


I woke up suddenly at midnight and channeling started.

"That's right.
It expressed only one small figurehead of Dragon make the person who is in the far away region like Kyusyu in Japan or foreign countries, dream or give the terror.

(Does it mean that the person who went on a trip with me bought the figurehead of Dragon?)

It was thousands years ago people were told to worship ugly Dragons.
(M=demons)are the beings which were sent to the earth by the Ruler's Stars which felt boring in the human lives.
Therefore stars of the Ruler's Stars felt the joy in giving the terror or the extreme sense of insecurity to humanity.
How about stopping those ugly behavior?
Why were imaginary animals or figures like heavenly maidens or the guardian gods of Buddhism are drawn on the clouds?
Because the Ruler's Stars made humanity see those things as vision.
The power of the Ruler's Stars were strong enough to be able to make humanity see big figures of God or goddess at will.
Moreover they made a part of humanity predict the events which they had planned in advance or they gave a part of humanity the power to heal the disease.
However even if the disease might be healed temporarily, the disease usually recurs, because the spirit of the person who is ill notifies by causing the disease again.
Why do the dream of Dragon or the sense of insecurity turn up soon in reality?
As unnamed stars moved to the big stars which are near the earth, they can notify about the evil deeds of Dragons.
So to speak the heaven and earth sticked with each other.
Two triangles in the coexist have coalesced.
From unnamed stars."


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