From Yahweh

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Sep. 19, 2001

From Yahweh

"Yahweh speaking.
I was supposed to be outrageous.
I do not know what to say for apologizing.

(The terrorism took place by the hard-line tactic of Israel(?))

I can't descend to the leader of Israel by any means.
Please pray for him seriously again.
The same ethnic lived in that land (Israel).
The ethnic living there was called 'Isler people'.
Those of Isler people were able to talk with the spirit in them.
They all lived happily.
A part of them claimed to be 'You people' ( We go to your country) and came to sell the goods of their land and went scattering here and there for the buying and selling.
Some persons attacked other countries (like Egypt) and became prisoners.
Those who stayed in the original land for a long time came to believe different religion (Islam).
Those who went out for buying and selling came to have no land to return as their religion was the same as before even after they became rich.
The long and short of it, they were the same ethnic in the past.
The problem was those who remained there believed in a different religion.
They are contending among so to speak, brothers.
Please notice it."
Please refer to the following chapter for Yahweh.
Chapter 469


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