The meaning of the twins | The secret of Knights Templar | Moses and Yahweh | Alexander | The queen of Big Dipper and the king of Mercury | Chinese zodiac  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 22, 2007

The meaning of the twins | The secret of Knights Templar | Moses and Yahweh | Alexander | The queen of Big Dipper and the king of Mercury | Chinese zodiac

*)The universe was born by the thought which Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe) tried to seek and catch someone.
However the thought which tried to avoid to be caught was born at the same time, too.
The human beings of the twins (Jesus and Muhammad) express that two thoughts were born in Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe).

* )Crusade and Knights Templar were the groups of Stone humans.
They moved to foreign countries in order to guide how to live as humans were weak and died soon.
However authority of later years taught people Crusade and Knights Templar were their own armed forces by taking advantage of Christianity and Islam.
As Stone humans got solidified when they stayed still and had no exercise, they had war as if they had been games.
The authority denied the religion later years and if someone told about Stone humans, they threatened by the cruel punishment and those who did channeling from Stone gods were executed as witches.

execute *)They say there were treasures of Knights Templar.
As Stone humans were able to talk with the atoms of Stone gods, they were able to change the material to gold and people thought there were lots of treasure.
Stone humans were super humans who were able to live with only drinking the juice in Holy Grails, human beings thought those Holy Grails were the cups which did a lot of miracles.
Therefore the story of Holy Grail became to be told in the legends.

【The correction on May 18, 2008 】

The crafty spirit of (constellation) Hydrus told that the emperor of the Imperial Household is the king of Mercury but it was found to be a lie.
I was conveyed from the atoms from the sky and the universe that he was the king of (constellation) Hydrus.
Therefore let me correct what I wrote previously.


"The humanity with the white cane and a white hat(?) on goes up on the clouds.

The meaning of the above vision is as follows.

"The father of Laocoon is Moses and he was being caught by Serpent seat.
The elder brother of the stone statue of 'Laocoon was Yahweh and the younger brother was Alexander.
As I chopped and solidified spirit of Serpent seat, Moses was expressed, in the vision, which showed he was able to go up above the clouds at last."
Serpent seat is one of the brothers of Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe).
Serpent seat was strong as it was connected with the king of outer galaxy and it had dominated Moses and Yahweh.

(Moses and Yahweh were made to commit crimes by creating the religions.)

As another Alexander didn't create the religion, he finished his life without committing a crime.
He is the person who became the king of Macedonia and was called Alexander the Great.
It is very important."

(As many people were caught by serpents which were sent by the Ruler's Stars, Laocoon were told several times by the atoms from the sky and the universe.)

*)There seems to be a lot of stars who claim to be young brothers of Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe).
They are young brothers and children of Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe), as Ohmoto is the origin of all.
Therefore if they claim to be young brothers, they seem to be able to become young brothers (powerful = There are lots of advocates(?)=importunate) .
That means the words, brother or children seem to have no relationship.

* )Laocoon

It was found in the ground near Trajan Baths in 1506.
Such the stone statues as the real ones were found in the soil or in the sea.
Therefore they are reasonable if they are claimed to have once lived as Stone humans and they were not made by humanity.
The ones which were dug out in Pompeii show the expression of agony.
If they were made by pouring the plaster later, it would be impossible to show the expression of agony.

*)Macedonia=I didn't know it was the country from which Alexander the Great was turned out.
I was surprised to find what had been told through the channeling was true, when I check about Macedonia in the web site.

* )The queen of Big Dipper (Show○○ Michiko) seduced the king of Mercury (emperor) and fooled by insisting Yahweh is the child of the queen.
I was told Yahweh tried to appeal it in vain by descending but he was caught by the Serpent seat which is the mate of the Ruler's Stars.
I was also told that the earth was left for the king of Mercury like the Holocaust, and so on.
According to the information given to me several times in the early days, Yahweh was the child of Mt. Iwaki(wikipedia).

* )The hair on the head express unnamed stars, and it is not bad the hair becomes thinner by losing our hair in our old age as there were lots of bad guys among the unnamed stars.
However the length and shape of the hair is different apart expresses the thoughts also get different apart and those who have such hair seem to get restless.


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