The letter to Linda of EARTHFILES (Postscript and correction in May 2005 ySiriusz)@

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Oct. 13, 2001

The letter to Linda of EARTHFILES (Postscript and correction in May 2005 ySiriusz)

I dared to write a letter as the meeting(?) about Crop Circle seems to be held by channelers.

Dear Linda

I'm a housewife who lives in Japan and I am always looking forward to seeing your HP.
I'm glad you are studying the invisible world and put the channeling information in your HP, because I'm a channeler who started channeling since June in 1998.
I loved the book written by Barbara Marciniak on Pleiadenai.
It predicted urgently something would happen in June in 1998.
Therefore I looked forward to seeing what would happen then.
However the clear terrifying channeling started on me on the day of June, 1998.
I was made to drop into the depths of the hell.
The spiritual body who claimed to be the queen of Pleiadenai said to me, " I will make you mad and take over the earth."
The thing which took place in those days was full of too much terror to write down even now.
I was told that the terrifying queen was 700 years old and she was going to die soon.
At that time I was dominated by Pleiadenai about two days but then she changed suddenly to the kind queen of Pleiadenai.
She got very kind and my body came not to feel tired.
However I came to feel as if I had been touched the inside of the right frontal lobe clearly and I was made to fall into the terrible depression.
One day in 1998, the subconsciousness of late Miss Sachiko Ada (the sister of late Ikuro Ada) descended to me and informed me about Pleiadenai.
Therefore at that time I erased the spiritual body of Pleiadenai in cooperation with the spiritual bodies who claimed 'the gods in the universe' and we succeeded in erasing the spiritual body of Pleiadenai.
It was about late autumn in 1998.
Since immediately after that I felt no feeling my head being touched.
The depression was heeled suddenly and I didn't have to take medicine.
Since immediately after that planets of the solar system which claimed to be 'White star cluster' started to take a contact with me.
Therefore I took a contact with them for a while but unnamed stars alternated with them as I came to settle down mentally and the situation has continued until now.
I have opened what have been told through the channeling to public with the books and E-books as the vast amount of information has been given during the period.
Though the contents given to me is the one which may overturn the theories so far, they correspond to the explanation of the Crop Circles given to me by the beings from the sky admirably.
I was told Crop Circles had been made by unnamed stars and the white clusters.
Therefore they were able to explain the meaning of Crop Circles easily however complex the decorations of them might be.

It is sure I am not able to explain the meaning of any Crop Circle even if I try to explain it with my imagination.
The unnamed stars and the white clusters always told the things which was unimaginable to me.
However stars seem not to be accustomed to talk through the channeling.
Moreover as their power is much weaker than the one of Pleiadenai, I was not able to catch enough what was told by them.
Therefore I can't guarantee if what I write is completely right or not.

The beings from the sky tell me with irony in these days that humanity don't believe however hard stars might inform by the decorations of Crop Circles.
They made the Crop Circle which showed humanity is the same as four feet animals.
The explanation of the Crop Circle which is similar to the decoration sent by Carl Sagan is written in my HP.
Though I'm glad you are going to refer to the information given by channelers, I'm a little discouraged about the participants to the meeting of channelers of this time.
Because all the channelers who are going to attend the meeting this time are famous and they are the ones who are connected with the spiritual body of the stars which had dominated the earth until 1998, even though they are the persons who are actually great.
They believe the informations given to them through the channeling and have opened them to public.
Most of the information given to them are full of the abstract contents.
They arrange pretty words, for example, like 'Era of light' or 'Ascension'.
It is the thing which the being who had dominated the earth (=Pleiadenai) planned.
The queen of Pleiadenai told me clearly that she was going to make the earth with only spirits without bodies.
That is she was going to erase the human bodies on the earth and make the earth with only spirits.
I think the informations from stars which are making Crop Circles won't be sent to the channelers who are going to attend the meeting of your HP, because they are connected with such stars as Pleiadenai and believe what are told from the Ruler's Stars through the channeling even now.
I'd like to refrain from telling about others but I think there are some which must be told clearly.
All the information which have been told to me through the channeling were not translated into English.
You may not be able to believe when you read a part of my HP as they are the contents hard to believe.
However the persons who understand me little by little have come out among the Japanese.
Unfortunately most of the Japanese seem not to understand it.
Therefore I think people in other countries may find it hard to understand what is written in my HP.
However the problems which have been thought to be mysterious began to be solved.
As you know, the situation of the world is now terrifying.
I think Islamic people believe the thing of thousands of years ago because such the information from the stars as Crop Circles have not been opened to public.
I think if we open what have been informed from the stars, to public more, people may have the new way of thinking.
Though I say in such a way myself only, let me tell about people who were involved in the events which took place since the spring of 1998.

iPleiadenai also seems to have predicted there would take place a big change in the spring of 1998.j

Ms Kae@Ishi

She is the oldest priestess for Grand Shrine of Is and runs a jewelry store, too.
Moreover she is the adviser to Emror's family.
I was told from the beings from the sky, she is the very person who decides the events of Grand Shrine of Is.
She once got on the cover of Life magazine.
She did the channeling which was dominated by the moon beings who were the subordinates of Pleiadenai.
(The moon beings don't exist now.)
She told me she had come not to be able to do channeling in June of 1998.
Since then she seems to have been connected with the different spiritual body.
She offered the huge crystal to the Inner Shrine of Ise.

Mr. Taka@Yoshi

He is the man in his 40s.
He started channeling suddenly in November, 1998.
He is the man who was given the supernatural power by Pleiadenai.
He participated in the Holistic Medical Association to which I participated, too.
He came to approach me.
He showed me he was able to make the jewel big or make the metal shiny with his spiritual power.
I was told he had healed his wife who was seriously ill as he was given the energy.
He was able to make the blood pressure of 58 rise to the level of 200 by using a crystal.
He told me to go to the Ms Isi's in the spring of 1998 with him.
We went there early in the morning with the young man of my acquaintance.
I didn't know why I was asked to go with him, as I was not able to do channeling at that time.
The four people gathered together in the Ms Ishi's.
Mr. Yoshi said to Ms Ishi, " Sirius was going to take over the earth." and he asked her if they were going to erase it by the power of their spirits.
Ms Ishi said, "We have no choice."
Ms Ishi seemed to have known it through the channeling.
Mr. Yoshi declared solemnly that he would erase Sirius.

I was told Pleiadenai was not able to erase Sirius even though Pleiadenai had a powerful energy if humanity doesn't declare by human spirit.

iIf I had noticed it, I wouldn't have to be dominated by Pleiadenai as if I had got mad.
If you were dominated by other spirits or spiritual bodies, you should reject firmly.
Then you won't be dominated by them.)

I understand now the reason why Pleiadenai made Mr. Yoshi erase Sirius by giving energy to him.
Because Sirius had tried to inform the evil deeds of Pleiadenai in cooperation with the beings from the sky.

ij@ Mr. Yoshi also declared other things after the declaration of the disappearance of Sirius.

Pj He declared to make nuclear weapons useless.
Qj He declared to erase all the aliens (like Greys).
Rj He declared to heal AIDS .
Sj He declared the mines not to explode.
He declared about 7 items including the above four.
Mr. Yoshi was able to see the vision, too.
He told us the confusion was occuring in the facility of MJ21.
However the information of his vision was not certain because his vision seems to have been given by Pleiadenai.
After a while peace negotiations were held here and there like Ireland.
Inspection of North Korea had been accepted.
Problem occured in the American troops.
The above news were reported by TV.
As media told the inspection of the people of AIDS had become negative, I thought the energy of Pleiadenai might be effective.

Postscript and correction in May, 2005

It is written about Sirius above.
The mates of the Ruler's Stars told me the lie which claimed Sirius to be a bad star.
Let me correct the lie as I was given the correct information about Sirius in the subsequent period through the channeling.
Though I wrote Sirius was made to be erased, it means it was taking a rest after returning to Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe).
yI was told all the religions were instilled to humanity by Pleiadenai and its subordinates. z

ySiriusz =I know mortar@(in Japanese)= It means I know ('Siri' in Japanese) and Stone gods(us=mortar).
Mysterious rocks were made by Stone gods as Sirius told them how to make it.
Sirius exists near the earth and it taught the knowledge of science with big power.
It was kind enough to let the human life improve and supported humanity by letting humanity with weak bodies survive longer.
Sirius is the star of ability and it has cooperated with the earth since May in 2005 in cooperation with the beings from the sky and Stone gods.

ReferenceF Sep. 3, 2004

"The meaning of 1958.
Sirius started the program to guide humanity strongly since this year.
It was not the wrong program.
Sirius tried to make humanity be separated from religions because humanity were contaminated by religions too much and humanity were not able to stop the strives between religions.
By contrast Pleiadenai tried to dominate humanity by more strong religions.
Therefore Pleiadenai produced the cults of fear one after another and attempted to dominate humanity strongly.
The beings from the sky were kind enough to tell that Sirius had not been vicious.
They told that Sirius was the star which gave wisdom to humanity.
I'd like to let you inform the following.
The radio waves were transmitted to the earth three times.
'Three' of three times told that it is the most important for humanity to know 'the Trinity'.
iTo recognize subconsciousness )
I heard many humanity can't understand it.
Therefore it was informed by radio waves which were sent from Pisces."

ReferenceF May 11, 2005

"I'm Alter ego of Ohmoto (the central).
Sirius is the star which has an open mind and it has forgiven the humanity on the earth by laughing many times until now.
You don't have to worry anything."

"Let Sirius tell.
Sirius will protect the earth in cooperation with Stone gods and the beings from the sky from now on."

Mr. mizu

He is the lawyer in Australia.
He stayed in Japan and shared the action with Mr. Yoshi and others in those days.
Mr. Yoshi told that I was haunted by the vicious spirit and he seems to believe it even now.
Therefore he seems to have told his impressions about me to Mr. mizu and I have had no exchange with them.

Incidentally Mr. Yoshi claimed to be the god to my friend and said to me he erased aliens Lada who had dominated many people.
The next day the friend of mine called me, "Your acquaintance erased aliens Lada, didn't he?".
However he seems to have connected with the different spiritual body and do channeling even now.
Mr. Yoshi seems to do channeling with being connected with the spiritual body which is different from Pleiadenai.
Those spiritual bodies seem to imitate stars.

The above is nothing but the short summary of the events which I have experienced but I have told it as I wanted to let as many people as possible know the truth, though I'm afraid it might expose the privacy.
I wrote a mail to you as I wanted those matters to be brought to light without being hidden in the darkness.
Though I don't come across the channeler who gets the same information as mine, some people who might be connected with my information come to take a contact with me through the web.
The decoration of the hexagram which turned up in these days shows it.
I am told through the channeling that those who accept this information without much resistance are the ones whose souls came from stars.
They usually see mysterious dreams and experience the events of synchronicity.
As the information from stars deny the information given by other channelers, it may not be able to oppose them as there are too many other channelers.
However please turn your eyes to such an information as mine.
As Sirius and Pleiadenai have very powerful power, they can convey the words clearly, heal the disease and give every kind of good knowledge.
Therefore many channelers seem to have emerged but unnamed stars have very weak power and there seem less channelers who are connected with those unnamed stars through the channeling.


Thank you for your mail.

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