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By Takashi

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Oct. 29, 2001

From Jesus | A mail from Italy

At 22:00 on Oct. 26, 2001

I got itchy in my ear and the channeling started.

"Jesus speaking.
Please write.
What I can't forget is about the court (?).
I was not asked to go to the court suddenly but the messenger of Pilate told me to come to the court in three days.
I thought I was able to return from the court by any means.
However the voice of God(?) told me I had to shoulder the sins of human.
It also told there was a traitor among disciples, the most faithful disciple was Judah and the disciple who would betray was Paolo.
Therefore we had the dinner on the day before I went to the court.
A lot of people gathered for some reason on the day of the trial.
Everyone threw pebbles to me and cursed me.
I didn't understand why I had to undergo such a treatment.
When I entered into the court, the voice of God(?) told me to say yes whatever I might be told.
Moreover the voice told me to say "We should fight a battle against Rome by matching the power".
Therefore the punishment was determined.
I'm so sad that I tear even now.

The king of Land of the Dead informed me that he had been asked to tell me from Jesus by giving the signal of pain to my right abdomen.

iThe pain disappeared when I dired the conscious mind.j

The following is the mail from Italy sent on Oct. 22, 2001.
Soon after a person visited my HP, the spirit of Noma informed me a new thing.
iDid he serve as a liaison?)
He told he had several dreams which conveyed various messages.
The following is the mail sent from him.

igg@is put in front of my reply.j

"I saw the fire when I closed my eyes in order to sleep.
I felt as if I had been on fire.
However I went to sleep soon."

I worried a lot about the picture in which a big moth was attracted by the big fire.
iAs we are connected with each other in the invisible world, it seems to be shown in the phenomena of synchronicity.)
Moth = M =The thought of the Ruler's Stars.
The picture which I saw and the vision which you saw seem to show that the thought of Jesus was hot.
I think the moth is burnt out had the meaning of purification.

I see.
Anyway, I can not be helped and I worry only the sun by any means.
Nothing was seen besides the sun even I closed my eyes.
My son drew only the picture of the sun.

They say Muhammad is represented by the moon and Jesus is represented by the sun as symbols.

"My daughter began to cry at 3:30 at night.
iShe rarely cries at night.j

As she was crying as if she had been intimidated, I brought her next to me and let her sleep.
She got up suddenly and pointed at one point in the room while saying something.

I was told Jesus had descended and he had asked her to wake you up.

I still thought so.
After that I saw a vision which showed the face with beard and whisker and then the arm of someone was put on me suddenly.

I was told Jesus descended as he wanted to convey by any means.

"I had nothing special to say after that but I felt itchy on my body and felt frustrated.
Those symptoms have still continued even today.
I felt itchy intensely on the sole of my right foot.
I found red points which were lining up in seven points.
After that three triangles turned up including each point.
I feel I'd like to explain by drawing the picture."

Those graphic often turns up when stars send the signals.
Since then I had the message from Jesus which is written at the top of this page.


Thank you for your mail.

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