Cancer | "Spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 AD, Correction on Jan. 24, 2006 |

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

I thought "spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 AD were made to resemble the appearance of alien but I am told in this page they were not actually made to resemble the appearance of alien. (By Takashi)

Nov. 23, 2001

Cancer | "Spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 AD, Correction on Jan. 24, 2006 |

The following was informed previously but I hesitated to tell it clearly.
However let me tell as I feel the abnormality in my body if I reject to say what I should tell.
(Of course the contents is not recognized in the medical community.)

"We cells which are made of the atoms of Stone gods inform by making the cells cancer.
We know you think there is some abnormality in a part of your mouth.
You feel polyp has been made in your mouth.
The polyp in your mouth shows you that the cells start activities without permission if we stimulate the cells.

(I had the same symptoms twice previously.
It was the swelling of one part of the upper palate.
I was not able to find any cause of the swelling.
However the swelling came to be healed when I told what I should tell.)

Why do a part of the cells start multiplying without permission is that stars send signal and energy.
Why is cancer made?
Because the spirit of the person asks to make cancer.
It (spirit) comes to tell that it wants to say farewell to the body by making cancer.
Therefore please don't grudge against us.

The Japanese character (kanji) of cancer is "".

The word is made up of three parts.

The first one is .

The second one is .

The third one is .
means to conceal.
means three mouths.
means mouth.

means mountain=Stone god.

The long and short of it,
means to stop talking about Stone god.
The Japanese character, (=cancer)
shows if you deny talking about Stone god, you will become cancer.

When Stone god is denied, cells of the body which are made up of the atoms of Stone god hate it and inform the person by producing the cancer in the body.

According to my experience, I have often experienced such the signal as itch or pain in my body.

The small character of K turned up in one night of the summer of 1998 on the top of my foot.
I think that event showed stars can change cells without touching human body.
The person whom I met in 1998 was made a big wound in his face.
The pattern made by the wound was the microphone and the mouth.
He told he had been told to tell the end prophecy with microphone and the mouth and he ran what he had been told.
(He was on stage of the TV program, 'TV Tackle'.)
(In my case, the energy of the stars which try to take a contact with me is so small that they can't write the character besides the very small K.)

y"Spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 AD z

"This figurine was made by Stone human.
He ordered atoms to gather together so that they would become this figurine.
This figurine has big eyes as Stone human saw Buddha statues in India when he came to Japan through India.
The head shows the crown.
As Indians showed the boobs, this figurine shows the projections like boobs.
As Buddha suffered from myasthenia, his eyes were half closed.
This figurine doesn't show an extraterrestrial.
One leg is broken.
Stone human made this figurine to show Japanese that these kind of people are alive in foreign countries.
The reason why this statue is small is that Indians worshiped small clay figures as god and Stone human imitated the Indian clay figures.
(The Ruler's Stars knew Jesus and his mates would come to Japan through India.
Therefore they made child Stone god (=Mt.Osore in Aomori Prefecture, Japan) produce the clay figure which are similar to Indians. )


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