From the queen of Sagittarius about the longevity of human beings | The change of the earth | The traditional culture which was made | Earthquake clouds(?), and so on  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

June 30, 2005

From the queen of Sagittarius about the longevity of human beings | The change of the earth | The traditional culture which was made | Earthquake clouds(?), and so on

June 30, 2005

The whirlpool like the eye of the typhoon (970hpa)was made and stagnated at the place next to Hokkaido last night.
You can see it in the above image.
I wondered what does it mean and went to bed.
My mouth moved a little at midnight and I woke up.

"Please write down.
The queen of Sagittarius who came to the earth shouldering Pluto speaking.
I made *Obare stone.
As I tempted the king of Pluto to come to the earth with me, I was always uneasy because I thought the beings of Pluto might condemn me.
Now I ascent to the sky and found noone condemned me.
Therefore I'm taking a rest comfortably in the sky.
I'm the queen of Sagittarius.
I conveyed my thought in the sky.
It is shown by the cloud above."

I am going to sleep from now.

"Let me tell why I came to the earth shouldering the king of Pluto.
I wanted to be called by Pluto some day.
That means I wanted everything to have the end.
The spirit in Sagittarius just always did the job forever.
Therefore spirit wanted to take a rest comfortably and brought Pluto which governs the life after death."

I am going to sleep from now.

"The spirit wanted to do the different experience.
Therefore Stone gods made longevity for human beings and let them be born again.
We wanted Pluto to take care of human beings in the life after death.
I represented my thought by the cloud."

(* Obare stone=Two rectangular stones on Mt. Gozaisyodake (Mie Prefecture in Japan )
As the queen of Sagittarius who turned into Mt. Gozaisyodake (Mie Prefecture in Japan ) came to the earth shouldering Pluto, the two rectangular stones were given the name Obare stone.
Obare means 'shouldering' in Japanese.
I was told above in an early time.
As the two rectangular stones are like lips, they represent the mouth of Stone god.
I was told if human beings noticed it, they could understand the words of Stone gods.)
Obare stone

I got the signal at 17:00 and channeling started.

"The queen of Sagittarius speaking.
What I want to say is why I often keep staying in the Sea of Okhotsk.
That's because people don't notice Stone gods are informing as hard as possible as they want to be connected with Japanese archipelago.
We want humans to notice that Stone gods did the job and they are trying to let human beings know it."

At 21:00 on June 29, 2005

#) 【Vision 】(Please refer to the below image)

The rectangle=the symbol of Sirius and it also represents the shape of the continent of the earth in the early days.
All the Stone gods who descended to the earth were connected with one another and less of them sank into the sea.
As the inland regions that were not in contact with the sea were covered by the thick water film, the climate of all the earth was mild and easy to live in.
I was told about Atlantis in detail previously.
(Please refer to the book titled "The message from the stars".)
I was told the water film which covered the earth was informed by the vision with blue decorations.
However the water film disappeared in the subsequent period and the sunlight came to strike the earth directly.
Therefore the climate change became violent in the inland region where it got hard for human beings to live in.
Therefore Stone gods moved and divided the continent so that they could make more part of the continent which faced the sea.
I was told the vision shown to me was given by Sirius.

(Mutau in Africa got the same information as the ones sent from the unnamed stars. )

Dec. 14, 2004

Chitauli:The god who came

As the earth in the early days was covered in the very thick blanket of fog, the sun was not seen much.
However the moon was shining at night.
Rain fell drizzle-like and there were neither thunder nor storm.
The earth was covered with thick big forests.
People lived in peace.
People didn't communicate with language but talked with telepathy.


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