The heart of the earth | The announcement of the face

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

July 5, 2002

The heart of the earth | The announcement of the face

"Hoshinomina (alter ego of Ms Taeko Shiraki) speaking.
Thank you for your informing about me.
That the earth is alive has been understood at last.
The place of Jerusalem corresponds to the heart of the earth.
The king of Sagittarius descended to the earth without knowing anything and was sucked to the heart of the earth.
He tried to escape but in vain.
The earth felt very painful because the rock (the king of Sagittarius) clogged to the heart of the earth.
Therefore the earth notified human beings by repeating many announcements which were expressed by eruptions and earthquakes, and so on.
The rock which pierced in the heart of the earth has not been removed even now.
The earth can't get rid of the pain of it but please plant flowers at the very least without fighting among humanity.
The hole of the earth exists in the North Pole which is covered with pure white snow.
The sense of the direction is out of order there, because magnetic force lines appear from it.
The magnetic force shows the iron of the earth spit out the broken stuff (resentment of stars)"

yCorrection on July 7, 2005 z

That North Pole corresponds to the brain of the earth was the mistake to hear and North Pole is the entrance to the underground cavity.
Melody of "16 tons" comes out of my mouth many times thereafter.
Is the prince of Sagittarius the rock of 16 tons?

I have been told about it from previous that the human face represents the history of the person.
The so-called "skin that is bumpy = orange peel" shows the subconsciousness of the person seems to be informing the past life of him or her.
That means the past life of the person with orange peel was the one which was good enough to let him remember(?).
(Not that he had money or power in the past life, but he was good spiritually(?))
The stain on the face as well is informing the region to which the person was related in the past life.
Those who have much stain on the face show he or she is the person of elder who had lots of experience as human beings.
Therefore those stains should not be hated.


Thank you for your mail.

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