By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Sep. 2, 2002


Last night my mouth moved and told in trance, "Because of God of the earth---".
In the evening, channeling started.

"The king of Lucifer speaking.
Though I've supported the earth, I came to become tired of the situation, as human beings tell Lucifer is Devil.
Indeed there is something selfish to me, God of the earth told me he doesn't need my support.
Therefore I decided to return to the Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe) with others.

I, (=Ms Taeko Shiraki) didn't know the word 'Lucifer' until 1995.
(I was told Lucifer is the planet which existed once between Mars and Jupiter but it exploded and turned into asteroid.
Though some people tell he is the star of Devil, it is a good star according to the atoms from the sky and the universe .
However I was told he is just a little selfish.)


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