By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth which was made by Miss Taeko Shiraki.

Oct. 18, 2001


This is the mail which was sent to me from the person who visited my site recently and who understands the star story well.

"When I went to my friend's, I met the person who can see through, though he was blind.
When I read a sentence for him, he told the light occasionally shines to my left.
And he said, "I wonder what it is."
I said, "Oh, really?" "I wonder what it is!"
I thought the light might be something good.
I resumed reading the sentence while thinking I was glad if the light was something good.
The god named Yahweh was on stage when I began to read the sentence which told about the Bible.
When I was reading continuously he cried suddenly, "Oh, I understood. I understood."
We asked what he understood.
He replied, "It is not scheduled for Yahweh to come here but I found why he should have to come."
We asked "Oh, who should have to come?"
He explained it is not scheduled for Yahweh to come.
He said, "The energy body called Yahweh is here now."
"What?" , we cried.
We thought it was unbelievable that energy body named Yahweh was there as Yahweh was written in the sentence which we were reading.
We asked whether it was true or not.
He said, "gLook here!" and he showed the gesture as if he had touched the thing which looked like the main pillar with both the hands while sitting.
He also said, "This is the pillar of the light."
"I tried to condense it, though it is actually bigger."
Oh, I wondered whether it was possible to condense God???
He said, "Come here and try to feel it a little?"
Therefore I and my friend felt the pillar one by one with the feeling of throbbing and exciting.
I felt warm in my palm.
I felt something like the pillar between my palms and felt warm while spreading or reducing the space between my hands.
I was surprised.
In addition he said, "Try to enter the pillar as it is possible."
We tried to enter into the fictitious pillar one by one as it was the precious chance.
I felt warm in the center of my spine.
I was not able to see the light as I was not the type of the person who was able to see mysterious things.
However I felt the warmth of energy and feeling of elasticity clearly when I touched the fictitious pillar.
I was told by him that the energy body which was thought to be Yahweh came there through the golden cross which was around my breast.
He also told he was given the energy by Yahweh and there were a few gods around him.

I came to know about Yahweh though I had not known about Yahweh before reading the article.

I was given the message from Yahweh through the channeling after I had got this mail the other day.

The spirit seems to have descended as he felt something creeping about on his head.
I also had the feeling of the touch given by energy body when I had the hard experience in 1998.
I was told it was the energy body of Jesus and it was warm when I touched it, though others seem to have felt nothing.
Before that experience, another channeler called the energy body and let me touch it.
However I had no ability to feel those mysterious beings in those days.
There are some who can see the shape of energy body.
The previous acquaintance of mine made himself bend backward when he saw me and told he was able to see the big light ring above me.


Thank you for your mail.

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