From Kim Il-Sung

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 28, 2002

From Kim Il-Sung

After napping, the spirit of Kim Il-Sung descended to me.

"I'd like to ask Kim Jong-il not to do meaningless behavior but think a great deal of human beings.
Kim Jong-il of today is caught by ugly things.
I want him to think a great deal of human beings absolutely and want him to stop doing meaningless act(making atomic bomb?)
Please tell him.
From the spirit of Kim Il-Sung(father of Kim Jong-il).

I am going to sleep from now.

There is a sense in the reason why Kim Jong-il became nasty person.
Though Kim Jong-il had been a good person, he turned into the nasty one when he heard the instruction of the being who threatened the earth.
Kim Il-Sung, father of Kim Jong-il indulged him for the self-protection of my own.
Notice from the atoms from the sky and the universe to Kim Jong-il will get stricter finally if he keeps doing the meaningless act.
Please stop what he is doing now by any means.
It is the meaningless act.
I have been condemned repeatedly by countless spirits after I came here, the world of spirits.
Please listen to the words of good persons.
Good person means the god of the earth.
I want you(=Ms Taeko Shiraki) to tell this to Kim Jong-il at any cost."
From Kim Il-Sung.


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