the stars with names | crop circle

by takashi

this info is translated into english from let's solve the enigma of the earth

oct. 27, 2001

the stars with names | crop circle

at midnight on oct. 26, 2001.

"three years have just passed.

(it is three years since my channeling started.
it is three years since the ruler's stars have gone.)

for god's sake.
even though the ruler's stars have gone, the earth became the earth which was just intended to be by the ruler's stars.
unnamed stars have informed humans by drawing the patterns in the wheat field as hard as possible until now.
we are surprised again to find human beings are obsessive about they don't believe invisible things.
that is why we informed it by causing abdominal pain in you.

(i had abdominal pain suddenly but was cured soon.)

many people don't know crop circles which have been made until now.
they don't know the recent crop circles which were made by stars with all their strength at all.
owing to the information of crop circles made for playing tricks, media, government, all leaders do not even check on the signals made by stars which can't be made by human technology at all.
the concept of educators of today which deny the invisible world and think the study now is absolutely right lead this earth to the destruction."

the channeling started at three on oct. 27, 2001.

"the earth has become the place full of too much conflict.
stars including the spirit of the earth don't hope the earth with any more conflict.
if human beings want to survive, please change your way of thinking."

i am going to sleep from now.

i felt pain when the left side of the top of the head was pressed
i asked the reason of the pain to the atoms from the sky and the universe.

we alternated with unnamed stars which had tried to lead human beings.
the unnamed stars were not able to lead human beings.
the unnamed stars have decided to change into the harsh stars from now on.
we ask you, human beings to change your way of thinking in order to stop ugly conflict.
if you didn't try to change your way of thinking, it would be difficult to survive(?).
From stars with names."


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