Crop Circle televised by TV program "Is that true?" @

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Feb. 16, 2002

Crop Circle televised by TV program "Is that true?"

The TV program "Is that true?" televised about Crop Circle.
The program explained Crop Circles in a way of saying as if all of them were made artificially by the circle makers after it televised the one made by circle makers.
Though true Crop Circles have no footprints, the one made by circle makers had clear footprints of three men but the program didn't mention about it.
The wheat beaten by humanity is broken.
The program didn't verify the deformation of ears of wheat or the way of bending of the stem.
The program decided prematurely Crop Circles were made artificially only by the beaten pattern.
In addition the pattern made this time was made once last August.
The interval is not equal as you can understand if you see it.
If you saw it you could understand that the stems of wheat are fallen here and there and the way of making is sloppy.
Though Crop Circle made this time is the second one, the program didn't project the fine parts but projected only the entire pattern.
In addition it took as long as four hours and a half for makers to complete Crop Circle and they said they were tired in the end.
Many Crop Circles are made in a short time and some of them were made in front of the spectators who are watching.
Though the pattern of reply to Carl Sagan made to the side of Propagation Institute was made in the rainy day, they say there were no footprints at all.
The atoms from the unnamed stars told me circle makers were channeling with stars with names.
I thought people will surely come to doubt more about The information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' as the media deal with Crop Circle that way.


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