The earthquake clouds and earthquake | Identity of the bad stars | Why do worker bees and worker ants exist?

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

April 9, 2006

The earthquake clouds and earthquake | Identity of the bad stars | Why do worker bees and worker ants exist?

I had a signal at the tip of pinky and right shoulder a little at dawn on April 9, 2006.

"The (spirit of)earth speaking.
I don't know why the decided matter in the universe is informed.
Only the survived people on the island can know."

(I had a signal on the left upper arm and the palm of the left hand.)

"Those whom we want to inform this information are the people who are said to be bad people(terrorists) without knowing this information.
They are Islamic people."


"The arm which looks like the one of a giant extends long.
The tip of it becomes like the mouth and resort something.
The land or the rock jump up around the elbow of the giant."

The meaning of the vision is as follows.

"When the atoms from the sky and the universe ask Stone gods who are covering the earth to move the arms, the tip of the arm inform by turning into the unusual clouds like dislocation cloud.
However it expresses that the place where earthquake actually occurs is not the place of the mouth."

The long and short of it, it shows that people can't tell where the earthquake occurs even though earthquake clouds emerge.


"Caucasian female with big eyes and the man of retrospective with the unknown face are consulting no good matters.
The woman is just like the below picture."

The mural of a woman(The web site which showed it has disappeared now. )

The meaning is as follows.

"This woman is the queen of Pleiadenai and she was tempted by bad stars.
The bad stars are Serpents (constellation), Steller's sea eagle seat, Compass seat, Dragon seat and they have dominated the earth.

yI declare to have erased the spirit of Serpents (constellation). z

(The spirit of Serpents (constellation)seems to have been remained and have done bad deed.)

yI've erased the spirit of Steller's sea eagle seatz

yI've erased the spirit of Compass seatz

yI've erased the spirit of Dragon seatz

I was informed when I was riding a car but I was not able to find the name of the bad stars readily.

I was told Compass seat has dominated the earth through Masonic and Dragon seat is the stars which sent the earth Chinese geomancy.
I now find the name of bad seat and I repeated "I've erased ~."
However often I might repeat "I've erased ~." , I was not able to pronounce the phrase completely.
The words like sutras came out in the middle of the phrase instead.
Then I felt the energy body of Buddhism was too strong.
The reason why energy body of Buddhism got too strong was the Ruler's Stars robbed energy by riding the ring of Uranus.
yI declare to have erased the spirit of Uranus. z

#)There exist two new rings around the seventh planet, Uranus in the solar system.
When I was worrying about the rings of Uranus, the channeling was started.

"It is the star of bad guys which was getting the energy by riding on the rings of Uranus."

(I had the contact from the reader who told me there is a bitter attack against The True SKY(SORA)Info.
According to her it was written in Yahoo bulletin board and I thought it might be natural as the energy body on the rings of Uranus was too strong.
The atoms from the sky and the universe seem to sense the attack through the persons who are ruled by energy body.
Those attack seems to be sensed through human beings.
The atoms from the sky and the universe come to inform those attacks with clouds, the sun, earthquakes, and so on.
I've often experienced those announcements from the stars which are shown by those natural phenomena.

Time of occurrence about 9:37 on April 9, 2006

Epicenter Off the coast of Urakawa 60km depth Magnitude 4.8 Seismic intensity 3 Hokkaido

#)It is the statue which expresses the alter ego of Stone god and Stone human ArtemisBlack.jpg

"This statue regards Stone god as mother.
Alter egos and Stone humans are divided from Stone god.
The pattern on the side of the head expresses Stone humans and they express they are going to guide other Stone humans by thinking over.
The buildings of the breast express the alter egos and they are divided to carry the juice to Stone humans.
The pattern of the lower body express it is divided into Stone humans in order to do various work with the direction of Stone human which are divided from the head.
Bees and ants which don't bear a child imitate this Stone human."


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